31 superb Treehouse Ideas with pictures that your kids will love

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When I was a kid my dream of having the treehouse that I could play in was made a reality when my dad built my one at the bottom of our yard. Now in my adulthood, I am looking to build my own for our children and I have put together a list of the most superb treehouse ideas.

I just know that I will get so much satisfaction seeing the smiles on my kid’s faces when they have their treehouse.

Please take a look at all these superb treehouse ideas to get your inspiration juices flowing for when you start your treehouse project.

1. Tall cool treehouse

This is a cool treehouse if you look closely at the trees they run all the way thought the treehouse and is a multi-level construction; this has to be one of the coolest treehouses. They have even given the treehouse a separate shed and left under it for a picknick area.

2. Tree be my support

This is how my treehouse was built, it’s like the branches have grown in a way that it wants you to place a treehouse in it. The tree is used to mount a frame and then build atop my treehouse as a kid didn’t have this cool staircase just a ladder for me.

3. Inside the treehouse

Now this is a cool idea and one that I would never have thought of this treehouse has been carved into the actual tree, it will only work for smaller kids but I know if I got this as a child I would think it was the coolest treehouse ever. You would need to make sure it was safe to do this type of treehouse with a tree surgeon to see if it was 100% safe to do.

4. Arm we go

When I was first shown this picture it was about the car but my response was to say how cool the treehouse was and look at it wow. Looking at the treehouse it looks more of house construction that has been built in a tree but how cool is it I just love how the branches grow thought it.  

5. slide we go

I had a ladder to my treehouse just like this one but I had to come back down the ladder, how cool is it that this has its slide yes please I will be looking at adding something like this to my build. This treehouse is an original shed that is built on a platform with a hidden hideaway under it.

6. Prop me up

This is a pretty need way of suspending your treehouse a lot of branches have been sacrificed here to get a flat platform; a few branches have been left to give the treehouse some cover and it’s not always easy to have branches running thought the treehouse and keep it watertight. I do like this idea and gives me food for thought about how to suspend my treehouse in my tree.

7. Treetop terror

If you are building a treehouse then you are going to need a head for heights that’s for sure but wow this one is high. This is not one for kids with no barriers for me but I like the ladder construction. 

8. A long way up

This is high and would take a tremendous amount of manpower to build but I am looking for inspiration here and if you look closely there is a pulley system with a basket attached, how cool would it be to send supplies up to the kids in a basket like this and has been noted for my build.

9. Looking through the trees

This is more of a bird blind than an actual treehouse but we can take inspiration from this picture let’s say you don’t have a tree well this is what you can build if you look this is not actually in the tree and is suspended with timber.

10. Are you there?

How cool is this little hidden gem hidden away in the brush, we can’t see much of the actual treehouse but the stairs are a solid build that I have put on a list if I go for sturdy stairs.

11. Old tree help

This is a cool way of suspending your treehouse with old trees (you would need to make sure they are secure) they have been used to build a frame the place a simple shed on top, these ladders are more like I used to have but this is a cool way of suspending a treehouse.

12. Up in the trees

This is more of a blind than a treehouse but I am including it as it gives inspiration on ways to support a treehouse if you don’t have a tree.

13. Playhouse in the sky

Now, this is cool it has a ladder a slide what more do you want from a treehouse, multiple rooms but all on the same level I am still calling this a treehouse even though it’s not actually in a tree.

14. DIY treehouse

A self-build treehouse using one branch for extra support and timber for the main support legs, tongue and groove make this a simple design to copy. Safety railing and the ladders my treehouse had when I was a kid.

15. Stairway to treehouse

Now, this treehouse has been but together with scrap pieces of wood which I think looks neat, looking at the stairs they look to have been put together by a master carpenter they are a well-built set.

16. Rickety dose it

A treehouse showing us that clean lines and new timber is not a must, a good solid pair of ladders are used but I must say for me a rope swing addition is cool and the extended timber beam is a neat way of adding them something else for my list.

17. Little old treehouse

Treehouse idea 17

Using all the same timber but making the lines not strait and painting around the windows in a bold color makes this look neat, I like the tiles they have used also to give it a fairy tale book look.

18. Jumble wood

How they have covered their treehouse frame here is cool I like it, not technically a treehouse as it looks like they have used timber to support it but it is elevated.

19. Wrap around tree

Looks like they have cut the middle section of the tree out to create a flat base on this one, this will give the treehouse a flat base to work from not the first one I have seen do this and I like it.

20. The tree thought the roof

I like the look of a tree coming through the top of a treehouse but I must investigate how they stop the water from entering the roof.

21. Roman fort

An elevated fort so I am passing it as a treehouse this one shows how you can use misshapen wood to get a great effect.

22. Hideaway

Built-in the middle of thick bush gives a cool look, again the stairway is well built and looks and easy construction.

23. Lonely house

How a tree house will look when winter comes and the leaves fall from the tree it’s something to consider as you want it looking ok all year round.

24. Tongue and groove treehouse

Using some support of the tree but also timber this is an easy treehouse to construct using tongue and groove.

25. Fly away

Ok, it’s not a treehouse but it is a treehouse for the birds let’s not leave the birds out.

26. Blind treehouse

Another blind but a much better look at how the legs are constructed I like this and would use it if I didn’t have a tree.

27. A house or a treehouse?

Now I am not sure is this a house or a treehouse this looks more like something you could live in than a treehouse but ever way it’s cool.

28. Simple ways

Treehouse doesn’t have to have a roof and be built with all new timber this one has used all recycled timber and looks to have been put together by a DIY but I am sure any kid would love it in there yard.

29. Thinking ahead

I am not sure but have those trees bean planted with the purpose of this treehouse, I’m not sure but it appears that way to me with each tree giving an anchor point for the base. This is more industrial but gives us an idea of how to just make a platform design safe.

30. Hodgepodge

Old wood or been up there for years, either way, it’s a hodgepodge treehouse but still who wouldn’t want it as a kid I know for sure that I would have spent hours up there.

31. Wonky

Now, how cool is this wonky treehouse not only the wonky shape but a flag and a rope net to access is so cool.

We hope this has your creative juices flowing and has given you some ideas for when you undertake your treehouse project.

My best advice is if you have never done anything like this before getting some advice from a professional especially if you are going to be taking out branches and sections of the tree.

Also, you don’t have to have the biggest treehouse in the world kids love things different I know for sure my treehouse as a kid wasn’t all that big but I loved it all the same.