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Horseshoe is a game that has been around since the twentieth century and has been played professional and recreational ever since weather you’re looking to play in your yard or at the beach then you wants the best horseshoe set to have some great fun with family and friends.  

Champion Sports IHS1 Rubber Horseshoe Set

Champion Sports Indoor/Outdoor Horseshoe Set Red
  • Rubber design for all ages: These Lightweight horseshoes are easy to throw and aim compared to traditional metal horseshoes, and their soft...
  • Indoor or outdoor play: Designed with lightweight rubber playing mats and horseshoes, this horseshoe game is suitable for indoor or outdoor use...
  • Bright, vibrant colors: This horseshoe set comes with bright red and blue horseshoes along with vibrant yellow pegs, improving visibility for...
  • Everything you need to play: With 4 horseshoes, 2 rubber mats with center pegs, and 2 red plastic dowels, this horseshoe set comes with...
  • Quick, easy set up: Made to be easy and convenient to set up and tear-down, this horseshoe game is simple enough for anyone, including kids, to...

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Get all of the fun of horseshoes without any of the needed strength or risk with this fun rubber set that is fun for the whole family. Traditional horseshoes are heavy, hard to throw accurately and can cause injury or damage to people and property. The rubber horseshoe set eliminates all of those issues by being lightweight and flexible. These shoes are safe to throw around to your heart’s content.

This set includes everything you need to get a full game going. It includes four rubber horseshoes, two mats with center stakes for scoring and two dowels. Perfect for indoor or outdoor play it has never been easier to get a game of horseshoes going. Just put the scoring stakes and mats down and you are ready to go. Rain or shine, indoor or outdoor. Your kids and your friends will be delighted to take their crack at this uncommon game. It is perfect for the children, parties, backyard fun and even great for adults.

  • Painted with fun colors that make it stand out to the drab traditional horseshoe sets
  • Has everything you need to start a full game in seconds
  • Safe rubber horseshoes take the worry out of the game

Franklin Sports Horseshoes Set

Franklin Sports Horseshoes Sets - Includes 4 Horseshoes and 2 Stakes - Official Weight Horseshoes...
  • OFFICIAL SIZE AND WEIGHT HORSESHOES: Look no further for an official size set. The Starter horseshoe set includes (2) gold horseshoes and (2)...
  • SOLID STEEL STAKES: This set comes with (2) 20. 0" inch solid forged steel stakes that are built to stand up to years and years of ringers. Just...
  • HORSESHOE WEIGHT: Each official size horsehsoe weighs 2. 1 pounds and is designed to be evenly weighted and balanced for consistent flight and...
  • PORTABLE: This set comes with a carrying box included so you can quickly pack the game up and bring it on the go, or store away easily when not...
  • GREAT OUTDOOR FUN: Perfect for the beach, backyard, an outing or your next party. It's all about the details and this horseshoe set has all you...

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Franklin Sports has been the leader in quality sporting goods for decades and they are at it again with their Starter Horseshoe Set. This high-quality set has everything you need to have a full-fledged game with real shoes. This set is perfect for a backyard, beach trip or party game around the barbeque. Franklin has pulled out all the stops to give you a durable, lasting authentic horseshoe game.

It comes with four regulation shoes. There are two gold and two silver shoes that each weigh 2.1lbs. The colors are classic and striking. It also includes two solid steel stakes that are 20” long. They are meant to be sunk 8-10” down so that they do not get dislodged during a game. This is perfect for anyone who wants to set them up as a permanent feature of your outdoor space. The steel stakes and cast iron horseshoes are not only classic, but they are also made to last. Unlike other outdoor games made from cheap imported plastic or wood that can rot and mold this game can truly stand the test of time and be around for a generation.

  • Everything you need for a classic authentic game of horseshoes
  • Perfect for any outdoor occasion
  • Made from durable metals made to stand the test of time

St. Pierre American Professional Horseshoe Set

St. Pierre American Professional Horseshoe Set in Wood Case
  • Features. Includes 4 solid steel horseshoes with a baked-on, non-slip finish that is electrostatically applied. Finish is more resistant to...
  • Also includes two 24-in solid steel stakes, rulebook and a carry box. Proudly made in the USA.

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This American horseshoe kit is the perfect gift for the outdoor game enthusiast or ardent horseshoe player in your life. It comes in a stunning wood box and is designed with the horseshoe player in mind. The shoes have a front-facing slope which allows for easier sliding onto the stakes during the game. The shoes themselves are specially forged with the optimum weight and balance for serious players.

This set comes with four horseshoes and two stakes plus the wooden box. This gives you everything you need to take the game with you and set up anywhere. This set is also approved by the National Horseshoe Pitching Association for use in official tournaments which is a plus for anyone who is on the circuit. This set is also proudly made in the USA of the best materials available.

  • Perfect gift for any avid horseshoe player in your life
  • Comes in a stunning wooden box that doubles as a carrying case and display box
  • Made in the USA and approved by the NHPA

Viva Sol Premium Horseshoes Set

Viva Sol Premium Horseshoes Outdoor Game Set with 4 Horseshoes, 2 Stakes, and Wooden Case
  • Premium horseshoes set with (4) horseshoes, (2) stakes, and (1) wooden case
  • Easily transport set in all-wood case with heavy-duty rope handle
  • Foam padding in case protects and holds horseshoes and stakes in place
  • Horseshoes made of forged steel with blue (2) and green (2) coating
  • Metal stakes are rust proof and easily install in the ground

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Take horseshoes back from the drudgery with this premium set by Viva Sol. Many horseshoe kits reek of old stuffiness. With dark woods and iron shoes, the traditional kits are drab and offer no fun. Horseshoes are often advertised as a great beach game, now Viva Sol has made it so it looks the part. This kit comes with a multicolored carrying case and the shoes are painted in aqua tones. The four shoes are blue and green. The whole thing looks very sunny and upbeat, a nice change from the usual look.

This set comes with four shoes, two stakes, and the ultimate carrying case. This case is made from sturdy wood on the outside and has a thick rope handle for carrying it. This rope can withstand the sun and salt of the beach while keeping your fingers happy. The inside of the case is foam lined to keep the metals shoes and stakes from clanging around during transport. This set is complete and looks great and is perfect for anyone who enjoys horseshoes outside.

  • Premium set designed for a more colorful audience
  • Four shoes, two stakes, and the ultimate carrying box included

Baden Champions Horseshoe Set

Baden Champions Horseshoe Set- Tournament Quality Forged Steel Construction, Gray/Black
  • Tested and approved by the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association (NHPA)
  • Forged steel construction for maximum toughness and enhanced durability. Forged steel is stronger than cast iron or traditional steel...
  • Each horseshoe is medium weight 2. 25 lbs. , steel stakes are 24” long and ¾” wide
  • Set comes in 1680 denier durable nylon bag with reinforced pockets, dedicated storage compartments for horseshoes and stakes, and Velcro handle...
  • Conveniently store (2) black forged steel horseshoes, (2) grey forged steel horseshoes and (2) 24” steel stakes in (1) 1680 denier durable...

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Baden brings you a tournament designed horseshoe kit for the avid player. This set comes with a fully regulation complete set of horseshoes as well as durable nylon carrying case with secured pockets for each individual piece to keep it secure during transport. The pieces are made from forged steel which adds enhanced durability and longevity. This is superior to standard steel construction or the traditional cast-iron variants.

This kit was both tested and 100% approved by the National Horseshoe Pitching Association which makes it the ideal kit to pack up and take along to tournaments and official events. The forged steel shoes are tournament ready with enhanced balance and slide that was cast right into the shape and design of each one. The stakes are regulation size at 24” long, and ¾” in diameter. Everything about this kit was designed with the serious player in mind from the pieces tested by the NHPA to the bag specially designed to comfortably carry your kit around with you as you travel.

  • Quality horseshoe set designed with the pro in mind
  • Tested and approved by the NHPA
  • Comes with the full game kit as well as a handy carry bag

Horseshoe Game Buying Guide

For those who are looking for the kind of outdoor activity which wouldn’t completely tire them out but still allow them a little exercise and they want to do something intelligent and social as well – the perfect solution exists. And it’s called horseshoe.

What is the horseshoe game?

Horseshoe is an outdoor game played with horseshoes and targets. The game can be played by two people or two teams, each having two players. The game is played by throwing the horseshoes in the sandboxes on the ground.

Why play horseshoe?

By the looks of it, horseshoe is a very basic game with little benefits. However, the fans of the horseshoe game know that this is not true at all. Here are some major advantages of playing this interesting little game.

Moderate Level Exercise

Playing horseshoe would provide moderate level exercise which is appropriate for those who are just starting to get healthy and fit. After all, no one can simply start running miles, so there has to be something easy yet physically engaging that acts as a stepping stone. And the light exercise from playing horseshoe can make one motivated to keep up with their fitness routine.

Enhanced Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is extremely valuable as is it not only aids in sports but is helpful in numerous everyday activities. And games that involve throwing an object onto a target are considered one of the best ways to improve hand-eye coordination.

However, one should be warned that the first few failed attempts might frustrate a player since this game requires very good hand-eye coordination.

Game of Strategy and Skill

Those who have never played this game might think that horseshoe is simply a game of tossing the horseshoe and it luckily landing at the correct spot. That’s far from the truth.

In fact, horseshoe is known for how it stimulates the mind to think and the strategising involved in the game. The horseshoe isn’t thrown by just carefully looking at the pit. No, the players have to analyse the right angles and consider the effect of how hard the horseshoe is thrown.

There is physics as well as quite a lot of educated thinking that goes into making that perfect shot with the horseshoe. So what easier and more fun way than this to train the mind to think analytically?

Strength in Arms and Wrist

A horseshoe is thrown at multiple angles. It is also thrown with varying forces. These reasons are why this game builds muscular strength in the arms and also makes the wrists stronger and more flexible.

Teaches Patience

It goes without saying that horseshoe is a game of patience. It might look easy but once someone starts playing, they’ll quickly realise the extent of the mental and physical effort that goes into acing each toss. This is why one will have to be very patient when learning this game and not give up.

Precisely why horseshoe is considered a good lesson at patience and being consistent.

What to look for when buying a horseshoe set?

Before buying a horseshoe set, it can help to consider these aspects to make sure the product is exactly what one needs.


Different materials are used to manufacture horseshoes. The most common are steel, plastic, cast iron, and rubber.

Steel horseshoes are considered the best quality horseshoes as they are heavy-duty, durable, and rust-resistant. These are recommended for professionals.

Beginners and amateurs should opt for rubber or plastic horseshoes. This is because they are inexpensive, easily available, and lightweight. This means that a person can easily train and learn the game using these without worrying about ruining expensive equipment or harming oneself accidentally.

Cast iron horseshoes are chosen for their low prices and good quality at an affordable rate. Regular players of horseshoe can go for these.

Expertise of Player(s)

As mentioned above, different types of horseshoes are preferred for different types of games.

Therefore, professionals and experts should go for steel or forged steel horseshoes since their weight distribution and build are excellent for professional games. Casual and regular games by beginners can be played using rubber or plastic horseshoes as they are good for learning the game safely.


Many horseshoes are made from steel, forged steel, cast iron, or other heavy metals. This makes them very prone to weather-resistance.

However, many manufacturers either coat the horseshoes with weather-resistant materials or combine the kind of materials which wouldn’t be ruined under harsh weather conditions. Such horseshoes last very long.


There is a wide range of horseshoes that come at different prices, depending upon the quality and how professional the set is. The prices range from $10 to even up to $100. It is recommended to not go for the most inexpensive choice as it won’t last long; buying something within the $40 to $60 range is ideal.

How do you score in horseshoe?

The rules of scoring in a horseshoe game are very unique and thus, interesting. They are described briefly below.

There are three types of count-all points.

  1. The horseshoe landing around a stake is called a ringer and is worth 3 points.
  1. A horseshoe landing vertically and leaning against the stake is called a leaner and is worth one point.
  1. The horseshoe landing near the stake up to 6 inches is called a close and is worth one point.

Apart from count-all points, there are also cancellation points. What this means is that the player does not gain point(s) but the opponent’s point(s) are cancelled.

Cancellation points are awarded on ties. For example, if a player lands a leaner and gets one point and the opponent lands a leaner too in the very next turn, the first player’s point is cancelled while the second one doesn’t get any. Just like this, ringer and close points can also be cancelled due to tie shots.

Best horseshoe brands

A horseshoe set might not be very common at every other store, and a good quality one is even harder to find. These brands, however, provide high-quality horseshoe sets.


For most sports, GoSports is a very reliable brand to choose and so is the case with the horseshoe game. The Giant Horseshoes Set by this brand is designed for regular and casual players. The most prominent aspect of this set is that the horseshoes are almost twice as large as the standard horseshoes.

That being said, the horseshoes are still light in weight so it is very easy to handle them. Moreover, the design is very durable and sturdy. In addition to this, GoSports advertises that this set can be used by adults and children alike.

St. Pierre

This is a very popular brand for horseshoe sets. It’s American Professional Series is approved by the National Horseshoe Pitching Association (NHPA). Despite the high cost of $60, this product is very sought-after due to its excellent quality.

The stakes and the horseshoes are made from steel and come with a sturdy case to safely carry the set around. The stakes are 24 inches long and the horseshoes provide balance and stability since the tips have added weight to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the game of horseshoe invented?

This is a very ancient game and is believed to be around from anywhere between the 1st and the 5th century.

Can you play horseshoe on a lawn?

Yes. In fact, this game is classified as a ‘lawn game’.

Are Pitch and Horseshoe similar?

‘Pitch’ is just another name for the horseshoe game, so they are the same.

How many players are required to play a game of horseshoe?

The horseshoe game is played between two individuals. However, two teams of two can also play.

How deep should the sand in the horseshoe pit be?

The depth of the sand can be anywhere from 4 to 8 inches, though the deeper the pit is, the more difficult the game becomes.

Can you join a horseshoe club?

Yes. There are many horseshoe clubs that provide the perfect place for horseshoe lovers to gather and enhance their skills. More detail of such clubs can be found on the official website of the National Horseshoe Pitching Association (NHPA).

Is the horseshoe an Olympic game?

No, this game is not played at the International Olympics.

How to look after a horseshoe?

The horseshoes should be regularly cleaned to remove sand and dirt from them. They should be stored in a cool and dry place when not in use. They shouldn’t be used for target practice for any other sports or activity as this might damage them.

How far apart should I place the stakes in the horseshoe game?

The stakes in a horseshoe game should be placed roughly 40 feet apart.

Can points be cancelled in horseshoe?

Yes. There are certain rules which allow one player to cancel the points scored by the opponent and this just adds fun to the already challenging game.

What are the three main types of throws that score points in horseshoe?

They are ringer, leaner, and close.


We hope our guide helps you find the best horseshoe set for you and your family we recommend all the above and depending on your needs all should suit you and more importantly last you many years to come.

If we were to say our number one choice then it would have to be the Viva Sol Premium Horseshoes Set and will suit most recreational players and people looking there horseshoe game to the next level.