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Having a tree in your yard is lovely but when it comes to pruning problems start to appear like what do you cut them branches with? Pruning shears just won’t cut it and may even break or a pruning saw just may be too much, this is where the best garden loppers come in as they are perfect for the job.


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Loppers are a happy medium and are just like pruning shears but with longer handles and a lot more durable and are used to pruning out twigs all the way to larger branches.

I have always found it hard to get the best garden product without my pocket feeling an impact of the inferior product breaking down after a season of use, so this is the reason that I have put this guide together to help you out. We have laid out the top 5 garden loppers straight off the bat for people who are in a hurry and just want the best then we move into the guide for people who want to know a little more and what pair will best suit their situation.

Wolf-Garten Power Cut Telescoping Bypass Lopper

Wolf-Garten Power Cut Telescoping Bypass Lopper RR900T
  • Super strong German steel blade for powerful 4x cutting strength
  • Lightweight design - weighs just 3.86 lbs
  • For branches up to max. 1.97" (50 mm)
  • New dual-pivot cutting head technology
  • Telescopic adjustment from 25.6" - 35.5" (650-900 mm)

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Wolf Garten was established in 1922 and have been making quality garden tools since, there roots come from Germany who are renowned for building quality and it’s no exception with these telescope bypass loppers.

The steel is made from super strong German steel giving you a 4x cutting strength, despite the strong steel these loppers are not heavy to hold so no arm fatigue will be less at a lightweight 3.86lbs is incredible light for such a strong pair of loppers.

A lot of loppers are let down on the size of branches that they can cut but again these loppers by Wolf-Garten don’t let us down with a max cutting with of 1.97inch (50mm) which should allow you to tackle most tree branches with ease. These have a dual-pivot cutting head that is a new technology along with the super strong steel cutting is made so easy.

For them branches just out of reach there is no need to get out the ladders and put yourself in dangerous situations you simply extend the telescopic arms to get that pesky branch, these loppers have a telescope adjustment form 25.6inch right up to 35.5insh.

What we like:

  • Strong German design
  • Strong steel
  • Telescopic arms

A.M. Leonard Forged Steel Bypass Loppers

A.M. Leonard Forged Steel Bypass Loppers - 1.75 Inch Cut Capacity
  • Strong cutting capacity yet light weight for heavy duty loppers you can always count on
  • Forged high carbon steel cutting blades are heat-treated to offer a durable hard edge
  • Chrome plated blades resist rust, increases longevity
  • Shock absorbers cushion the end of the cutting action, reducing fatigue
  • Orange composite grips reduce slipping hands and adds to visibility if dropped somewhere

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A.M. Leonard have been established since 1885 suppling horticultural tool and pride themselves on doing business in their words the “old fashioned way” which I love and I think it’s fair to say that a company who has stood the test of time since 1885 must have been producing quality items.

These come with strong steel blades that will not let you down and can tackle branches up to 4inch so you shouldn’t have any problems tackling a tree in your yard. The A.M. Leonard Forged Steel Bypass Loppers come with bumpers just under the blades which acts as a shock absorb and if you have tackled a thick branch and been applying lots of force to a cut and the steel clatter together you will appreciate these bumpers.

These are longer loppers that make tackling high branches a breeze with a length of 31.5inch and have comfortable textured hand grips, you would thing long handles means heavy but with them using aluminum handles this really keeps the weight down at just 2.9lbs

What we like:

  • Strong steel blades
  • Long handles
  • Lightweight
  • Shock absorbing bumper

ARS LPB-30M Orchard Lopper

ARS LPB-30M Orchard Lopper,Red
  • ARS Orchard Lopper, 24.5" OAL
  • Superior cutting leverage
  • Long lasting sharpness
  • Fantastic durability
  • Top quality balance and ergonomic design for continued use

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ARS are establishing themselves as one of the leading suppliers of gardening tools and the raving reviews that people are writing on an every site you check says that they are producing some quality tools and these ARS LPB-30M Orchard Lopper are no exception.

We take a look again at a pair of long handle loppers in these with a 24.5inch handle gives you plenty of reach to tackle that branch is just out of reach with a small handle pair of loppers but a worry with long handle loppers is weight as this can lead to arm fatigue more so when your arms are stretched but at just 2.1lbs these are super light so arm fatigue shouldn’t affect you unless your using for a very long time. 

Long lasting sharpness what this actually means is anyone’s guess but what we have discovered in other reviews off people have used these for years is they seem to be as sharp as the day they bought them this is great to hear.

Again bumpers are included in these and we really like to see these for that shock absorbing effect that will really help your wrists when you cut thought a think branch.

What we like:

  • Long handle
  • Sharpe Blade
  • Lightweight
  • Shock absorbing bumpers

Corona SL 4364 DualLINK Heavy Duty Bypass Lopper

Corona Tools | Branch Cutter DualLINK Extendable Bypass Loppers | Tree Trimmer Cuts Branches up to 1...
  • Handles are extendable: extends 27 1/2" To 37 1/2"
  • Cuts limbs up to 1 3/4": power Source cutting action
  • Durable: strong, Trapezoid Steel handles make for a long lasting tool
  • Shock guard Bumper reduces fatigue: comfort gel+ grip for better control.
  • Two-zone blade for Small and large cuts: easily cuts branches and limbs.

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Corona who established in 1920’s in Southern California and only produces quality tools and that’s no exception with this SL 4364 DualLINK Heavy Duty Bypass Lopper.

Long reach is not a problem with these loppers as the handles can go from 27.5inch right up to 37.5insh so short or long jobs are just as easy to tackle, flip the latch on the handle to extend the handles to the length you require close the latch and you’re ready to go.

We always check the weight of extendable handle loppers as they can be heavy these are little heavier than other on the list but still in the exactable range at 4.2lbs, they keep the weight down by using a trapezoid steel which is not only light but durable.

The handles have soft gel grips for comfort and this will make them long jobs more enjoyable as your hands won’t get sore with this design.

The blades use strong steel but have two cutting zones this makes cutting small and large branches just as easier, with a 1.3/4inch max cutting diameter you should find these can tackle most jobs. What we really like about these is the that gives a power boost so if you have weak wrists this will help you cut them thicker branches it also works as a shock absorber this is something we like to see.  

What we like:

  • Expandable handles
  • Low weight
  • Soft gel handles
  • Two cutting zones
  • Dual link technology

Corona SL 8180 DualLINK Forged Bypass Lopper

Corona Tools | 33-inch Branch Cutter DualLINK MAXFORGED Bypass Loppers | Tree Trimmer Cuts Branches...
  • DualLINK COMPOUND CUTTING magnifies input force to do 35% more work with less effort
  • MAXFORGEDTM STEEL: Corona's forging process compacts steel molecules into our strongest, most durable tools that stay sharper longer
  • DUAL ARC BYPASS BLADE efficiently cuts green or dry branches and limbs up to 2” in diameter
  • INTEGRATED SHOCK-ABSORBING BUMPER reduces shoulder strain and fatigue
  • CONTOURED GRIPS comfortably fit many hand sizes

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Again we look at Corona loppers and these are for people who want a strong pair of garden loppers to tackle thick branches.

These come with forged steel blades that a super strong that will stay sharp and last you a lifetime, and you will be able to tackle branches up to 2inch which in terms of hand loppers is huge. Sticking to the head it has a compound lever system that will amplify the cutting power of the loppers and minimizes the amount of force that you need to apply to make a cut.

As these are designed to tackle larger branches you get a bumper system that will give shock absorbing effects and take away arm and hand fatigue.

Again as these are designed to tackle bigger branches you will need stronger handles and these SL 8180 DualLINK come with two extra strong steel handles so no worries about the handles breaking also the extra-long hand grips for maximum comfort when in use.

We was surprised when we saw the weight of these loppers as you would think that with all this power your going have to sacrifice on weight but at only 4.3lbs that is low for such a strong pair of loppers.

What we like:

  • Forged steel
  • Cuts up to 2inch
  • Bumper system
  • Compound lever
  • Long handles

Buying Guide For Loppers For Pruning

The fact of the matter is that if you love gardening and enjoy doing all of your trimming and pruning by yourself, you’re not alone. Many other dyed in the wool gardeners feel the same way. And you probably know that loppers for pruning are one of the most important tools in your collection of gardening tools. The long handles let you extend your reach high up without straining yourself, allowing you to easily cut just about anything.

Normally, you can slice into wood that’s around one inch in diameter or maybe a little thicker, but when it comes to cutting smaller sections of wood, you’ll likely want to use pruners.

Now, when it comes to loppers you’re apt to know that there are two basic types: bypass and anvil. What you may not be aware of is the differences between the two and when and where you should use each type.

The Two Types of Loppers Explained

Bypass loppers — These are basically your average loppers and have a single-edged blade that can cut through a thick base by slicing past it and closing.

With a bypass lopper, you have a cleaner cut, and you can get close enough to the branch that you can cut it off without leaving behind a nub. For best results use these on live vegetation

Anvil loppers — These have a blade that can get right to the core of the wide lower base, connecting with the base once the cut is completed. This type of lopper is not as exact as bypass loppers but does apply greater force. Usually, these are used to cut dead vegetation or wood.

The difference between them and bypass loppers in that they are able to create wider diameter cuts and they won’t get stuck to the stem of the plant during cutting. Rather than two blades that pass side by side as with a bypass lopper, the anvil literally brings one blade to connect with the other blade.

Which Should You Choose?

Bypass loppers are best for ornamental trees, fruiting vegetation or bushes. The fact of the matter is that trees tend to have suckers growing near them and branches that your small hand pruners aren’t going to be able to deal with. Bypass loppers will give you the clean cut that your plants and bushes need to remain healthy.

An anvil lopper is best for handling dead or dying tree branches, hard to cut stems and vegetation that you want to have swiftly removed. They supply you with the cutting power you require to move quickly through your chore. Another use for which anvil loppers excel is that they are excellent for cutting branches which have fallen naturally to the proper size for disposal or to be used as firewood.

Ratcheting bypass loppers

These have a ratcheting mechanism with a high quality steel blade to make the cutting action smoother and an easy release. This enables you to cut through thick branches almost effortlessly.

Ratcheting anvil lopper

An extremely powerful tool for pruning. To use it, you place the lower jaw around the branch, keep one handle stationary while you pump the other up and down. Once the blade is embedded in the branch securely, release pressure on the pumping handle and allow the ratchet to click into position. Simply keep repeating this until the branch is severed.

Compound-Action lopper

Beside a ratcheting action, there are two more ways to make a lopper’s cutting force more powerful. One is called a compound-action hinge, and the other is by expanding the length of the handle. With a compound-action lopper you have an anvil lopper with a beveled blade and it’s also adjustable.

Gear-Drive anvil lopper

Loppers with a geared cutting mechanism are more powerful than they look because of the geared cutting head and handle. You have a stainless steel blade with a body and jaw that are reinforced.

What to Consider When Buying Loppers for Pruning

When it comes to choosing any garden tool there are important things to consider and we have put them below to help you out for when you come to make your purchase.

The Importance of Handle Length

With pruning loppers how long the handle controls how much leverage you have. The longer the handle is the more leverage you get. However, you have to remember that the longer the handle is, the more the lopper is going to weigh. That’s why you have to be certain to buy a lopper with a length and a weight you can control and maintain your grip on.

Telescoping Loppers

What this means is that the lopper has a telescoping handle, or an extendable handle, so that you are able to lift it up and get to various heights that otherwise you wouldn’t be able to reach. This gives you improved cutting capacity. These loppers also come with blades of different strengths for all your cutting needs.


There is a large variety of handle/grip sizes, materials, and shapes. The foam grips, which are naturally softer are considered to be the best, but they are also the easiest to damage. Some loppers come with a contoured grip, which is purely a matter of personal preference. Furthermore, make sure the grip isn’t too short, because this will limit where you can put your hand on the handles.


Nearly all loppers have bumpers nowadays. It is basically located near the blades and acts as a cushion to keep the handles from hitting each other as you make a cut. A good bumper should keep your hands from touching while you are cutting as well.

Replacement Blades

If you are the type who likes to tinker a bit with your tools, keep in mind that not every lopper is made to be disassembled for sharpening or cleaning, and there are also many that won’t let you replace parts that are damaged, broken, or simple wear out. Essentially, the more expensive loppers, say over $35, will have replacement parts available for order.


It’s usually what the handles are made that makes up the weight of a lopper. Fiberglass and aluminum handles are lighter, and steel loppers are heaviest, with wooden handles landing somewhere in the middle.

Cutting Capacity

There are loppers which can cut branches 2 inches in diameter, but they may be too heavy for you to lift up. If that’s the case, or the handles are not long enough for you to get proper leverage, or they are over-long and you can’t open the loopers wide enough to get a branch tightly in the blades, then these are not the loppers for you.


We really hope that our guide helps you get the best garden loppers that will last you for years, there are many different things to consider when it comes to making your purchase but if you sit and thing of the jobs you will be tackling and use or guide it should make the buying process much easier.

We don’t recommend one single pair of loppers but say if you chose any of the five that we have included above they should last you many of years and you will be more than happy with any on the list.