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If you have a yard that is less than an acre in size anything more than the Best Walk Behind Mower is more than likely going to be very much overkill, a push lawn mower is going enable you to keep your lawn well kept at fraction of a cost of a larger gas-powered lawnmower.


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We have put together the top 5 best Push Lawn Mower Reviews on the market right at the top of the article for people just want that information but if you are someone who wants a little more information on what to look for when picking the best push lawnmower then we have put together a buying guide that should allow you to see all the important element and make the perfect buying decision.

So let’s get right into it and show you our Top 5 push lawn mowers that I have hound to meet slight different yard styles and one that should suit your perfectly.

Greenworks 40V 20-Inch Cordless Twin Force Lawn Mower

Greenworks 40V 20" Twin Blade Mower, 4.0Ah + 2.0Ah Battery
  • CORDLESS 20” LAWN MOWER – Get more done, faster, with Greenworks electric lawn mowers. This 40V push mower provides the power you need with...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, EASY TO USE – a lightweight 20” cutting deck allows for easy maneuvering through small to medium yards (up to ½ acre) more...
  • TWIN BLADES - offer better cut quality, superior mulching, and bagging capabilities
  • AUTO SWITCH / SMART CUT TECHNOLOGY – dual battery ports with auto switch allows for uninterrupted mowing. Smart cut technology adjusts for...
  • MAINTENANCE FREE – This walk behind lawn mower is virtually maintenance free, with no gas, no oil, and no emissions. It starts instantly and is...

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This mower comes in either high capacity dual of 4 Ah or low capacity dual of 2 Ah batteries of lithium to feed the 40V battery system to power the mower for 70 minutes while mowing. This is a high degree of endurance from this mower as it can mow a quarter. and acre while fully charged.

The mower is built with a 20-inch cutting deck to offer it the balance required while at work. It also comes with a dual blade that enhances more quality grass cutting with mulching and bagging abilities.

For ease of maneuvering the garden. the mower weighs. and incredible lightweight of 42.5 lbs in case you need to lift it up or carry it to the garden. It also comes with 10- and r of rear and front wheels. Its lever can reach 5 height positions that can cut different terrains in the garden space.

Why we like it

The mower is easy to maintain so long as its batteries are kept charged and it is not used on heavily soaked grass. Also, it has an incredible safety feature that works by putting off the machine when the safety plug is pulled by the user.

Sun Joe MJ401E 14-Inch 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower

Sun Joe MJ401E 14-Inch 12-Amp Electric Lawn Mower w/Collapsible Handle for Storage, 3-Position...
  • [POWERFUL]: 13-amp motor cuts a 14-inch wide path
  • [ADJUSTABLE DECK]: Tailor cutting height with 3-position height control
  • [STEEL BLADES]: Durable 14-Inch steel blade cuts with precision
  • [ACCESSORIES]: Includes 10. 6-gallon detachable grass catcher foe easy disposal of grass clippings
  • [MAINTENANCE FREE]: No gas, oil or tune-ups

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The Sun Joe MJ401 E lawnmower is electrically powered and its small size gives it an advantage when mowing in narrow spaces or those with tight obstacles like trees and fences. It is, therefore, more appropriate for small gardens and that is why It weighs only 29 pounds. Its motor is 12-amp and durable and can last you many years into the future.

The mower can be adjusted to 3-positions of height from the deck area and it makes it mow areas of different sizes of grass. Its grass catcher is detachable making it easy to dispose of grass clippings during the mowing process.

Why we like it

It is easy to maintain with normal servicing procedures doing the job. Also, the fact that mowers can determine the height of the grass they want to maintain while using this mower is a big advantage.

This mower is easy to assemble, easy to start and cuts grass even on yards that are damp. This is enabled by the blades which are well sharpened and are made of steel meaning they are durable and do not rust.

Greenworks Electric Corded Lawn Mower

Greenworks 12 Amp 20" Corded Lawn Mower, 25022
  • Powerful Cutting: The 12 amp motor and 20-inch steel deck with a 3600 RPM work together to cut through the toughest grass with ease
  • Versatile Cutting Options: The 3-in-1 system allows for mulching, rear bagging, and side discharge, giving you the flexibility to handle...
  • Easy to Use: The easy push button start and single lever 7 position height adjustment make using the mower a breeze, while the cam lock handle...
  • Efficient and Durable: The durable steel 21-inch cutting deck gets the job done quickly and efficiently, while the AC corded power provides...
  • Extension Cord Requirement: It is important to use a 14 gauge 50’ or 12 gauge 100’ extension cord (not included) for optimal performance

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This mower comes with a three in one steel deck for mulching, rear bag. and side discharge which enables the mower to have options to keep the garden clean after mowing.

It also has different height adjustment positions. This enables the mower to cut out a clean lawn with the same grass size. Its adjustability gives the user more options on the styles they can choose from.

This mower is appropriate for mid-sized gardens as it is built with a 20-inch cutting path that is wide enough to offer the mower stability and general cutting capacity. Its steel cutting deck is made of steel and cannot, therefore, rust hence very durable.

Why we like it

This mower is sturdy due to its large cutting decks and high capacity power. While the blade should be sharpened before it starts working. it provides great results for your garden. Due to its thin deck, this mower is able to cut the grass evenly all through the entire garden since it is easy to maneuver. Also, it is able to move well when it is close to obstacles such as trees, light posts, and mailboxes.

Husqvarna HU800 AWDH Walk behind Self-Propelled Mower

Husqvarna LC221FHE, 21 in. 163cc Briggs & Stratton Walk Behind Self-Propelled Mower
  • Push-button electric start lets you get going faster
  • Front-wheel drive saves effort and energy
  • 21-Inch cutting width
  • High rear wheels boost control and maneuverability
  • 4-point Height adjustment makes Precision mowing simple

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This mower is reliable and powerful making it one of the best gas-powered mowers in the market with a reputation of a solid performance at work. It comes from a reputable company; the Husqvarna brand has been in the market since 1969.

Its performance, ease of use, and practicality make it a great choice for anyone who wants to make their home garden lush and green. This mower has a reputation for the delivery of great performance and power at work.

It is powered by a quick-starting engine known as Honda GCV190 1900 cc with 3000 rpm net power. This engine enables the mower to have enough cutting power to cut grass under any condition. Also, one can change the cutting height lever to 9 settings which give the ability to choose at different terrains.

The mower comes with a three in one functionality of side discharge, rear-bagging, and mulching to make it more versatile compared to other mowers in the business. Also, it has ball-bearing wheels of 8- and 11″ that make it easy to maneuver while working in the garden.

The HU800 AWDH comes with a port built in the cutting deck that allows washing to become easy by allowing a hose to be attached to the cutting back without much hustle.

Why we like it

Its self-propelled feature from its motor and auto walk features makes it one of the best mowers to work with. It delivers the performance of superior quality with smooth cuts in the garden.

Yard Machines 140cc 20-Inch Push Mower

Yard Machines 140cc 21-Inch Push Mower
  • Powered by a durable 140cc OHV engine
  • Equipped with a 21" steel deck with dual-lever height adjustment
  • This Yard Machines Push Lawn Mower is perfect for mowing small to medium sized yards
  • Side discharge and mulching capability
  • Features 7 x 11-inch wheel size for easy turns

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This lawnmower is simple to use and operate as it doesn’t have any frills and complicated qualities. It comes with a 140cc engine capacity which is best for an average-sized garden.

It has a cutting deck of 20 inches which gives the mower a chance to move over a wide distance and saves on time. The height can be adjusted manually with three different height positions using the wheels which make it possible for anyone to use it regardless of their height.

Why we like it

It is an affordable option for anyone who just wants to cut grass without any need for frills. It is also light meaning any member of the household can use it without having difficulties in getting it to the garden to mow the lawn.

Best Walk Behind Mower Buyers Guide

There are now many different types of lawnmowers on the market and they all have many different features that can lead to confusion when making a purchase, we aim to break down all the important features and what to think about when it comes to buying a new best push mower.

Why a push lawn mower?

A push lawn mower is an ideal choice if you have a small well-manicured lawn.

They come with many different cutting mechanisms to suit everyone’s needs, they also tend to be much lighter than many other mowers which makes them much easier than heavy mowers to using.

When not a push lawn mower?

A push mower is a great choice but not always.

If you have a large yard then you don’t want a push mower as you will make the job a lot longer and in some cases impossible if you have a really big yard.

As the name suggests these types of mowers will take your own power to push them around the lawn, despite them not being very heavy compared to a large gas mower they will take a toll on you if you have to push them around a very large lawn.

If you have very uneven ground then a push mower may not be the best option as with their small build they can struggle.

So to sum up when to avoid buying a push mower, if you have a large or very uneven lawn then I would skip a push mower and go with a gas lawnmower.
What to look for when making a purchase
So now we have covered when and when not to buy a push mower we want to look at the features we should be looking at when if we feel that this style of mower will be the correct one.

Some things on this list are will be more important than others to you but it’s important to give them all consideration as if you do I’m sure that you will make a purchase that will last you many happy years.

So let’s cover what them key points that we should look for below.

Power Types

Mowers come in different power types and these styles are no different to any other so we will cover each and give their benefits and negatives.


Gas mowers are ideal for people with a bit bigger yard but don’t want a big heavy self-propelled mower, you start these by pulling a start cord and this can be a real negative to some people and the noise and smell are another. The gas one included in our recommendation is nice and small and not all that noisy.


Now some consider electric mowers the ideal push mower as you can only use them on a small yard due to you being tethered to the electric sauce in your home, I wouldn’t agree that they are a perfect fit but would agree they can only be used on small yards due to the cord. The great thing about electric mowers is that they are super quiet compared to gas mowers.


Now when we talk of push lawn mowers people sometimes think first manual small push mowers and to a point they are right, but these are called self-propelled mowers you use these by using your own power to push them and they are really good for small yards also you don’t have to think about noise as they are pretty much silent and they really are not set up you can get right into the job very fast but they are really no good for larger yards.


The new kid on the block is the battery-powered lawn mower and they are really smart they tend to be a little heavy due to the battery but if you want a really quiet mower then a battery is ideal. People will love or hate a battery lawn mower if you’re used to battery-powered tools then you will really not mind the charging of batteries but this can really put some people off them.

Cutting Deck

The bigger your yard the larger the cutting deck you will want, the cutting deck is the width of the blades under the mower and the large this is the more grass it can cut at a time.

What you will find is that gas lawn mowers will have the largest cutting deck and a self-propelled lawn mower will have the smallest.

Storage is something to consider as the larger the cutting deck that you chose then the harder it will be to store or the large area you will need to dedicate to lawn mower for storage. If you have ample amounts of storage then this will be a little less issue for you but it’s worth thinking about.

If you have many obstacles in your lawn like a tree for instance then you will need to think about the deck size again as the large the deck size the harder it is to navigate them, the reason for this is movability. A small deck will be much lighter so you will be able to move around things much easier but a large deck this because much harder and leads to a lot of frustration.


When you come to buy your new push lawn mower then you will need to think about the weight, as you will be using your own force to push the mower around your lawn you don’t want something that is too heavy that’s going to leave you very tired after cutting your grass.

If you have a small yard then weight will be less of an issue but larger yards you really need to give this careful consideration as it can lead to making to wrong purchase or a purchase that you will be disappointed with and will want to change so to save a lot of money really give weight careful consideration.

Are you planning on taking this to another property to cut the lawn? Then the weight is an issue when it comes to loading it on a truck or in your car. If you plan on storing it then how are you going to get it into that storage do you need to lift it? If so you want something nice and light to make this very easy to do.

Weight is something I see many people overlook but it’s an important element to think about, just sit and think about the jobs you will be carrying out and what you will be doing with it and this will really help you chose the correct weight.


We have put this guide together to really help you get the best push lawn mower that is going to last you for many years. All our recommended mowers are based on power cutting and efficacy and I believe that you will not be disappointed with a single one of them.

However, if you use our buying guide to really hone what you will be using the mower for and how you will be using it then you will get a mower that will last you years and will be a perfect fit for your yard.

It’s a pain picking the best push lawn mower but with a little time and thought you will get the right mower and with our guide it should be made a lot easier.

I hope you enjoy our guide and don’t forget to check out many others we have on the site including growing tips and how to get lawn stripes to keep it in tip-top condition.