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So we will be covering the best Wiffle Ball bats on today’s market in this article. Players of yesteryear will be looking at this thought their fingers thinking “Best Bat” as in the days there was only one bat available and that was a basic yellow light weight plastic bat.


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But with that being said there is no need to move with the times and with technology things have improved so bats are much more comfortable to grip and more tailored to the end user.

If you haven’t seen it we put together the best Wiffle Ball Pitching Machines article and we didn’t just make our picks on what was the most expensive we carefully crafted what would best suit people’s needs and our picks for the best wiffle ball bat is no difference we pick the best on a number of different element and intern we believe we are giving you the best recommendations.

So let’s get into the Wiffle Ball bat reviews and see what are top 5 bats.

Wiffle 32′ Bat and 3 Baseball Set Bundle

WIFFLE® Ball U.S.A Set - 32" WIFFLE® Bat with Red, White, and Blue Official WIFFLE® Balls - 4...
  • Official WIFFLE Balls and Bat - Direct from the Manufacturer
  • Exclusive Blue and Red WIFFLE Balls, and our Dare to Soar wristband!
  • Great for any outdoor party or event
  • Fun for all ages! Keep the young ones entertained or recreate your childhood memories!
  • Made in the U.S.A - Buy the additional pack of 6 Red or Blue Balls!

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Wiffle Ball is an American staple. Not only is the Wiffle Ball brand a cultural touchstone but it is still a classic, well made and absolutely fun toy for all ages. This set allows you to enjoy all of the fun of Wiffle Ball in one complete package. It includes a 32” Wiffle Ball bat and 3 Wiffle Balls for an absolute blast.

The traditional yellow bat and holed balls are a staple of the American outdoor experience and continue to be today. They are extremely durable and can offer hours of fun for the whole family.

Whether you want to play a pickup game in the backyard or a unique game of your own choosing Wiffle Ball has been bringing outdoor fun to Americans for a generation. Wiffle Balls fly in whacky and fun ways and are light enough that they will not cause harm to anyone or anything in the yard unlike traditional baseballs. Having a Wiffle Ball set in your family offers a unique, classic and versatile set of toys that can be used for many different applications.

  • Includes the classic 32” yellow Wiffle Ball bat
  • Includes 3 classic whacky Wiffle Balls
  • An American classic that is fun for the whole family

Franklin Sports MLB

Franklin Sports Plastic Baseball Bat + Ball Set - MLB Kids Plastic Bats - Lightweight Kids Bat +...
  • PLASTIC BASEBALL BAT: This lightweight 30 inch baseball bat is the perfect size for kids learning to play baseball!
  • REAL BASEBALL BAT LOOK: Featuring a slim textured grip handle, this bat is designed to look and feel like a real big league bat!
  • PLASTIC BASEBALL INCLUDED: This set comes with a standard size plastic baseball so you have everything you'll need to play ball!
  • FUN FOR ALL AGES 3 YEARS +: This plastic baseball set is the perfect addition to any backyard party or BBQ for dizzy bat races, home run derbies,...
  • OFFICIAL MLB LICENSED PRODUCT: The set is MLB approved and features Major League Baseball logos so kids can play like the pros!

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Bring the classic joy of a simple plastic ball and bat into your home today with this high-quality rendering by Franklin Sports. Franklin Sports is a staple of quality outdoor sports equipment and continues that tradition with their plastic ball and bat set.

Officially licensed by the MLB this set is made for kids and adults of all ages. This basic set includes a 30” plastic bat and a single plastic ball. This simple set is perfect for training hand-eye coordination, swing timing, batting stance, catching wild fly balls and more.

This quality MLB licensed product made by Franklin Sports would make a great gift for any occasion or a training tool for your aspiring baseball player. It can also be used in a variety of unique and fun ways. Take it to the park or the beach or use it in the backyard, this light and versatile ball and bat set can bring the fun anywhere.

  • Franklin Sport’s take on the classic American plastic bat and ball
  • Officially licensed by the MLB
  • Perfect for training batting and fielding
  • Great for general fun for people of all ages

WIFFLE Ball 6 Baseballs Official Size

WIFFLE Ball 6 Baseballs Official Size - 6 Pack Ball 32" Bats 2 Pack, BSN Orange Throw Down Bases (5...
  • Gift pack set includes 2 yellow 32" wiffle bat, 6 white wiffle baseballs, 5 piece orange rubber BSN throw down bases (home plate, pitcher's...
  • This exclusive set is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, fun for the whole family!
  • Ball and bat are made of high quality plastic in the usa! Bases are made of washable and flexible rubber.
  • Plastic provides safety to younger players & is designed for slow and limited flight.
  • Each of the bases and home plate are approximately one square foot. The pitching plate is approximately 1 foot wide. The complete set of...

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Wiffle Ball is a classic American staple in the sports equipment space. Their classic yellow bat and holed balls are synonymous with the name Wiffle. Upgrade your fun and your set with the complete Wiffle Ball set. This set includes five rubber bases, home plate, pitchers’ stand, first, second and third base. Each base is full-sized and is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. This set also includes two full-sized 32” classic Wiffle Ball bats and 6 Wiffle Balls. The bright orange rubber bases are versatile, light, flexible and washable.

With all of this, you can host a full-sized, classic game of Wiffle Ball right at home. Wiffle Ball can be played inside or outside. This game is perfect for kids at home, parties, youth groups, baseball teams, barbeques, the beach, the local park and so much more. Upgrade the classic fun of Wiffle Ball with the full Wiffle Ball set and bring fun to the whole family and beyond.

  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Complete set includes 2 bats, 6 balls and 5 bases
  • Bring the fun of a full game of Wiffle Ball to your family, youth group, team and more

BLITZBALL Starter Pack

BLITZBALL Starter Pack - Includes (3) Official Brand Balls & (1) Power Bat - Made in USA
  • Backyard plastic baseball
  • Set includes 1 Blitzball Power Bat, and (3) Blitzballs
  • Patent-pending design offers maximum curve, speed and distance
  • Weighs just under 1 oz
  • Made in the USA

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Blitzball takes the classic American toy, the plastic ball, and bat, and upgrades it with a new look and feel for the modern age. Instead of the old holed design, Blitzball has a patent-pending unique geometric design for their balls that improves on the potential curve, speed and distance of the plastic balls. This will give their balls a feel that is more authentic to a traditional baseball while still being the extremely light and harmless plastic ball.

This set includes a full-sized plastic bat and three patent-pending unique Blitzballs. Each ball weighs just under an ounce but gives you a new and advanced performance not usually seen with plastic baseballs. Blitzball gives you everything you need to have that classic experience. This set would make a perfect gift for a child of any age or someone who likes to go to the park and spend fun quality time outdoors. Bring the classic toy into the modern age with Blitzball.

  • Includes a bat and three balls for instant fun
  • New geometric Blitzball design improves on the old formula and enhances curve, speed and distance
  • Perfect gift or toy for children of any age

EASTON PRO STIX Plastic Baseball Bat

  • HIGH QUALITY PLASTIC BAT that is modeled after a professional wood series bat
  • SEAMED PLASTIC TRAINING BALL to mimic a real leather baseball
  • AWESOME FOR THE BACKYARD OR FIELD, it's ideal for a game of whiffle ball and can even be incorporated into training drills or practice
  • IMPROVES BATTERS HAND SPEED, hand-eye coordination and contact
  • ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT BAT allows for more swings and less fatigue and improves rotation speed

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Upgrade the traditional plastic ball and bat set with Easton Pro’s newest design. Easton is a pillar of the sporting goods community and has been creating high-quality products since 1922. Their take on the plastic ball and bat brings their decades of experience, craftsmanship, and care to an American classic toy. They have upgraded the standard design with a snappy look for their bat and improvement to their plastic ball design.

This set includes a full-sized 33” plastic bat and a seamed plastic ball. The seamed ball is an upgrade in design and quality from the traditional holed plastic ball. Still lightweight and fun, the seams on this ball make the experience more realistic for both the batter and the hitter. This makes this set perfect for individual backyard training sessions or a fun toss around with friends and family. Do not sacrifice the all-important seams from a traditional baseball to enjoy the unique fun of a plastic ball.

  • Includes a single 33” classic plastic bat and a seamed plastic ball
  • Perfect for at-home training to give you that extra competitive edge
  • Lightweight design makes it unable to damage property or people while giving you an authentic ball and bat feel

Wiffle Ball Bat Buying Guide

Wiffle ball is one of the simplest and easiest games to learn and excel at. And more than that, the game is enjoyed for how exclusive it is since it is appropriate for a range of ages. To begin learning the game, a good quality wiffle ball bat needs to be bought.

Wiffle Ball Bat versus Regular Bat

A wiffle ball bat varies from other bats used for different sports due to various features.

  1. The length of a wiffle ball bat is usually around 32 to 34 inches and most bats come in this size.
  2. The weight of a wiffle ball is usually a little above or below 10 ounces, which is not the case for most other bats. This is because a wiffle ball bat is meant to be very light in weight.
  3. Also, the bat is constructed from plastic mostly, and in some cases, high-quality wood. Other bats use a range of different construction materials.
  4. Another noticeable difference is that wiffle ball bats are hollow from the inside. This cavity can be filled by plastic balls – a process known as ‘corking’ the bat.

These differences mean that a wiffle ball bat needs to be bought for playing this game as no other sports bat can be used to play this game.

What to look for when buying a wiffle ball bat?

A wiffle ball bat seems like a pretty simple purchase which doesn’t require much thought and consideration. But if a little time is spent thinking about the exact features one wants in their wiffle ball bat, the experience of playing the game would be improved.


Wiffle ball bats come in different sizes but the most common are 32, 33, and 34 inches long bats. There is no ‘right’ size for a wiffle ball bat; however, the official size is 32.
Which size one should buy depends on what size they could easily handle, which is why bats designed for children are usually shorter in length.


The range of weights of wiffle ball bats is more extensive than the size. The heavier ones are considered more durable with a weight of 12 ounces and above. The lighter ones, with weights below 8 ounces, are far easier to handle and recommended for the kiss.


The two most common materials used for the construction of wiffle ball bats are plastic and wood. However, it is not as simple as this since there are different types and qualities of both plastic and wood. While the plastic bats suit beginners and casual players, the wooden bats are mostly designed for professional and expert use.


Even though there are certain ways to enhance the grip of a wiffle ball bat, it is far better to buy one which already comes with a strong grip. After all, no amount of taping the handle is equivalent to an industrial grip, such as a rubber grip.

Barrel Diameter

The diameter of a barrel can make or break the game, especially for players who are not very experienced. This is because the larger the diameter is, the greater the chance of hitting the ball is.

Type of Wiffle Ball

Some wiffle ball bats are designed for specific kinds of wiffle balls. For example, to easily handle perforated wiffle balls, plastic balls are recommended. Other, heavier types of wiffle balls can be handled better with wooden bats.


While a wiffle ball bat is not a very expensive purchase, one should still get a durable one to ensure it lasts for long. This is necessary because low-quality bats can break or get damaged quickly as they are used for hitting or beating objects. A durable wiffle ball bat is made from high-grade plastic or wood.

Set or No Set

This is an important consideration especially for those who are getting any equipment related to wiffle ball for the first time. Many manufacturers produce wiffle ball sets that have usually 1 bat and a few wiffle plastic balls. However, some players are looking for a certain kind of wiffle ball bat with particular features, so it is better to buy it without a set.

Best wiffle ball bat brands

Those who are looking for trustworthy brands to buy wiffle ball bats can consider the following options.


This is a highly-recommended option because Easton is known all over the world for producing high-quality baseball and softball equipment. As such, the brand knows exactly what to aim for in wiffle ball bats.

The Easton Pro Stix Plastic Baseball Bat is a great option for beginners because training with this bat is very easy. Not only is the bat very light – it weighs only 8.8 ounces – in weight but is negligibly larger at 33 inches than the standard size of 32 inches. Moreover, the bat is available in a wide range of colours including silver, black, green, yellow, navy blue, white, and red.


The Louisville Slugger C271 is a very popular wood bat trusted by thousands around the world. The Louisville Slugger Replica Bat is an exact copy of C271 but comes in plastic as opposed to the maple used for the original. That being said, the look of the bat is still completely authentic grain.

The bat weighs 9.6 ounces and the colour is the same as the original. Its length is 34 inches which makes it perfect for casual games in the backyard. Furthermore, since the plastic used for the construction of this bat is high-grade, there would be no problem hitting home runs with this one.


Blitzball produces its popular BLITZBALL Starter Pack which features three Blitzballs and 1 bat, which is perfect for use while playing Wiffle Ball. This plastic bat is designed to give the maximum speed and curve to the ball, enabling it to cover as much distance as possible.

Surprisingly, the bat weighs less than 10 ounces. As such, it is perfect for children and makes it incredibly safe to use as well. The high-quality plastic used for this bat makes it even better than most wiffle ball specific bats as this allows the bat to hit harder and farther.


The GTSOH Bat for Wiffle Ball is a 34 inch-long plastic bat with a wooden handle. It is especially recommended to those who prefer using perforated plastic balls. Also, with a 2.5 inches barrel, this bat perfectly gives additional surface area to hit home runs.

In addition to this, the handle is covered with black tape to enhance the grip on the bat. While this product is slightly expensive at $45, as compared to most other wiffle ball bats, it is undoubtedly worth its price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are wiffle ball bats made from?

The wiffle ball bats are usually made from light-weight plastic.

How can you cork a wiffle ball bat?

This can be done by cutting off the top of the bat and adding as many balls as possible into the bat. Afterward, the top and the handle can be attached back with the help of duct tape or some other adhesive material.

Are there different sizes of wiffle ball bats?

The standard size is 32 inches. However, wiffle ball bats do come in different sizes for unofficial games and particularly for children. The sizes 33 and 34 inches are very common as well.

How many strikes are allowed in one inning of wiffle ball?

Each time is allowed only 2 strikes per inning.

How much does a wiffle ball bat cost?

The price varies as per the quality of the bat. However, a wiffle ball bat can be bought for as low as $8.

Is wiffle ball safe to play?

Yes, this is a very safe game to play as the equipment or the sporting goods used are light-weight and mostly made from plastic.

Which sport is similar to wiffle ball?

Wiffle ball is a variation of baseball so that’s the game it is the most similar to.

How to improve the grip of a wiffle ball bat?

The grip can be easily improved by wrapping the handle of the bat with multiple layers of tape.

Is wiffle ball an official Olympic sport?

No. Although there are a few petitions to include this game in the Olympics, it has yet to happen.

What colour is a wiffle ball bat?

A wiffle ball bat can be of any colour but it is usually yellow.

What is the weight of a wiffle ball bat?

Wiffle ball bats come in different weights but they are much lighter than most other bats and weigh close to 10 ounces.

What material are wiffle ball bats made from?

Wiffle ball bats are made from plastic. However, sometimes even wood, such as maple, is used for these bats.

What are some good brands for wiffle ball bats?

Easton and Wiffle are very reliable brands to get wiffle ball bats or sets from.

Can a baseball bat be used for playing wiffle ball?

No. A wiffle ball bat is much lighter in weight and shorter in length than a baseball bat.


So that’s that for the Best Wiffle Ball Bat and we hope that this article helps you find the best bat for your needs. We get asked all the time what is the best and that’s always hard as each person has their own needs but if I had to pick then I would say my personal favorite is the EASTON PRO STIX Plastic Baseball Bat. Yes, it’s going to cost a little more but it’s going to last years of play and just feels much better.