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The sport of badminton has been around since the 19th century such a simple game but can bring you so much joy and fun to your backyard for you and your family.

If you looking to become a professional badminton player or just want a little fun in your backyard or at the beach then we have the best badminton set to suit all your needs.

We have put together with the Badminton Set review right at the top for people who just want the information on the best sets and then we move into the buying guide for people who want a little more information on badminton and picking the set that will most suit them.

So let’s get right into this and show you the top 5 badminton sets available today:

Baden Champions Badminton Set

Baden Champions Badminton Set
  • SET INCLUDES - (1) Regulation size badminton net and all necessary hardware, (3) Nylon Shuttlecocks, and (4) Tournament Level Quality Badminton...
  • EASY SETUP - Heavy duty, adjustable, powder coated, aluminum poles that makes the setup and breakdown of this badminton set quick and easy. Net:...
  • STORE WITH EASE- This badminton set comes with a premium weather-resistant carrying case which allows for easy storage and transportation
  • HIGHLY VISIBLE – Optic Yellow badminton net and boundary lines that are sure to attract the competition during any yard games event
  • GREAT FOR - (2-4) people, backyard games, family cookouts, summer camps, and social events.

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Looking for a badminton net for your backyard? Want something fun to do with friends and family? Then Baden has got you covered. Get everything you need to launch your backyard badminton fun with this complete Champions set by Baden. Get ready to have serious fun and all for a great price. This set has everything you need to support up to four players without having to spend a single penny more than the asking price. How many sets are complete for four players?

This set has everything you need including a regulation net, tie downs, three shuttlecocks, and four rackets. This set also comes with handy storage and carrying case meaning you can put it away for the winter or take it to summer camps, the beach, or anywhere else that you might want to play. The entire thing sets up and breaks down in minutes without any hassle. The whole thing is a bright fluorescent yellow so you won’t lose any parts or pieces in the grass and no one is going to accidentally run through your net.

  • A full set right out of the box for up to four players
  • Regulation sized net and four rackets
  • Endless fun for the whole family

Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo Set

Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo Set
  • Quick & easy setup - adjustable steel poles allow easy set-up and seamless transition between game types
  • Built tough - this high-quality, long-lasting set will endure the elements. And its heavy duty powder coated steel poles, waterproof edges, and...
  • Grab & Go - this 2-in-1 game set fits perfectly into its durable weather-resistant carry bag for easy storage and transportation
  • Set includes - regulation size nylon volleyball and badminton net, poles, stakes, 1 high-quality Baden volleyball, 4 badminton racquets, 3...
  • Heavy duty steel poles and 3’ x 32’ Tournament quality nylon net put this set above the rest. 1. 25 inch wide webbing boundary

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No one offers a better complete net set than Baden sports. If you are looking to upgrade your backyard, beach trip, camp out, or next party with the fun of a badminton net then look no further. Baden offers a complete setup that is unmatched by anything else on the market. Prepare to have fun for up to four people, everything included right out of the box.

This set includes a full regulation net and everything you need to set it up and break it down. It has four rackets and three shuttlecocks so you can have a full game of badminton as soon as you set up. No extra purchases required. Not only that, but it also doubles as a volleyball net. That’s right, this is a two in one deal that you simply cannot and should not pass up. In addition to the rackets and shuttlecocks that already come included, they have also thrown in a Baden volleyball.

  • Two in on volleyball and badminton net
  • Regulation sized net that is easy to set up and break down
  • Includes four rackets, three shuttlecocks and a volleyball

Franklin Sports Badminton

Franklin Sports Badminton Net Set - 4 Aluminum Rackets, 2 Birdies, Adjustable Net and Stakes -...
  • Fun for everyone This go-to complete badminton set is a classic sport that can be enjoyed by all ages. This Badminton set includes all that you...
  • Easy to assemble pole system includes a 1.25 inch diameter STEEL pole, 5 feet 1 inch high and net that measures 20 feet x 2 inch
  • Accessories are all included: (4) aluminum badminton rackets, (2) nylon birdies, (6) stakes and ropes, deluxe carry bag
  • Perfect for the beach, backyard, an outing or your next party. It's all about the details and this set has all you need for a day of fun
  • Create memories with family and friends that will last a lifetime with this complete badminton set from Franklin Sports. The badminton set is a...

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Franklin Sports, a staple of the American sporting goods scene, is back and better than ever with their all inclusive badminton set. Do you want to set up your own badminton set with little time, money, or effort? This is exactly what you’re getting from Franklin. It includes a regulation net, stakes, and the tie downs needed to make a secure court. Not only that but it also includes four rackets and two birdies so the fun can start as soon as you set up the net.

This set is perfect for the backyard, beach, campsite, or anywhere else that you want to play. The whole thing sets up and breaks down easily. It only takes minutes and it won’t take away from the fun. It even comes with a handy travel and storage bag that makes it easy to take the net to where the fun is or store when it is not in season.

  • Everything you need to have fun right out of the box
  • Includes four rackets and two birdies
  • Regulation net that is easy to set up and break down

Park & Sun Sports Portable Outdoor Badminton Set

Park & Sun Sports Portable Outdoor Badminton Net System with Carrying Bag and Accessories: Sport...
  • 3-piece steel poles measure 1" in diameter; Push-button pole locking system allows for quick and easy setup
  • Features a regulation size (21' L x 30" H) net; Nylon blend net has 1" top and bottom tapes with reinforced corners and side sleeves for even net...
  • 3/16" double guyline with tension rings allow for quick adjustments that ensure the net remains taut, even during rough play
  • Includes 4 aluminum badminton rackets, 3 A-grade nylon shuttlecocks with cork tips, and (4) 10" PVC ground stakes
  • Entire set fits inside a heavy-duty polyester zippered equipment bag with carrying handles, making transporting and storing extremely convenient

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Park & Sun Sports has been making quality sporting equipment since 1984 and the tradition continues with their full badminton set. It comes with a regulation net and everything you need to have instant fun with the whole family right out of the box. Their high quality materials really stand out from the competition. Instead of standard features, this set comes with upgraded materials that boost longevity and performance. The nylon blended ropes, PVC stakes, and steel poles are a resounding upgrade over standard materials. The poles are easy to set up with push button extensions.

Not only is the net high quality but it comes with everything you need to start playing. With four aluminum rackets and three birdies, it has everything you need to have a full game of badminton. It all packs away into a convenient carry and storage case. You can take it with you to your next party or barbeque or put it in storage when its time to get back to work.

  • American made, high quality materials made to last
  • Easy to set up and break down
  • Includes four rackets and three birdies

GSE Games & Sports Expert Portable Badminton Complete Set

GSE Recreational Badminton Set, Sports Outdoor Net Set Including 20'*2' Portable Badminton Net +4...
  • SET INCLUDES: Portable recreational badminton set comes with 2'H x 20'L black nylon badminton net, 4 strung tempered steel badminton rackets (2...
  • STABLE: The sports badminton net set has two 3-piece steel poles, the double-braided guide ropes and four stakes which has an adjustable plastic...
  • FUN FOR EVERYONE: The portable badminton net set is a great gift for family and friends of all ages! Great for outdoors, such as backyard, lawn,...
  • PORTABLE: The portable complete badminton sets with the net will surely make any family camping trip an ace! It's lightweight and folds down...
  • GIVE THE GIFT OF OUTDOOR PLAY: Get your family outside and moving with this highly active game that provides fun, exercise, and excitement for...

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Take your outdoor fun to the next level with your very own backyard badminton net. Fun for the whole family, you will be able to make memories that last a lifetime with fun games of badminton in the sun. Play two on two or one on one with this all inclusive set. It comes with everything you need to get the fun started and keep it going. It has a regulation net, four rackets, and three shuttlecocks. Everything you need to get the party started.

This set is easy to set up and easy to break down. It comes with anchoring stakes and nylon ropes to keep it secure for hours of fun. The rackets are even color coded to separate the teams and enhance the competitive nature of the sport. There are two blue rackets and two red rackets when most are normally just black. When you’re done, take it down and store it for the next party or group get together. GSE Games has created the complete package with this all in one badminton set.

  • Full badminton set with all of the fixings
  • Four rackets included two red and two blue
  • Secure tie downs and anchors so the fun never stops

Best Badminton Set Buying Guide and Tips

Even though one can easily buy separate badminton components, who would want to go through that hassle when there is a huge range of high-quality badminton sets readily available for different prices? This is also a preferred option by many due to the additional features these badminton sets boast.

What is badminton?

Before buying a badminton set, it is important to understand this game and what exactly it is.

Badminton is a racket sport in which a racket is used to hit a shuttlecock across a net. The game requires, at the least, 2 people, in which case it is called a ‘single’. However, doubles are also allowed and the game can be played in teams of larger numbers too.

With around 220 million people playing this sport worldwide, it is one of the most popular sports of our time.

How do you play badminton?

Before picking up the racket in badminton, it is necessary to pick up all the rules of this game.

  1. A player can only serve when the opponent is ready.
  2. Once the opponent attempts to hit the shuttlecock to return it to the server, he or she is considered ready.
  3. The feet of both the players are to be in a stationary position at the time of the serve. Afterward, the players are allowed to move.
  4. The shuttlecock is not allowed to be caught with the racket nor can it be slung with it.
  5. A player is not allowed to hold his or her racket near the net in an attempt to hit the racket of the opponent.
  6. Similarly, a player cannot hold his or her racket near the net in an attempt to ward off the downward stroke by the competitor.
  7. Missing the shuttlecock while serving is not considered a fault.

How do you serve in badminton?

There are a few rules to observe when hitting the shuttlecock during a service in badminton.

  1. The shuttlecock is to be hit in an upwards direction.
  2. When the shuttlecock is hit, it must be below the waist of the server.
  3. When the shuttlecock is hit, the racket must be below the server’s racket hand.
  4. Also, the service is to be diagonal, with both players standing on opposite sides to each other on their respective sides across the net.

What are the faults in badminton?

‘Fault’ refers to a hit or move which is not allowed in the game. The following are some of the faults in badminton.

  • Failure of the shuttle to land in the required service court.
  • Stepping forward of the server as they serve.
  • Hitting the shuttlecock twice consecutively.
  • If the shuttlecock is higher than the server’s waist or the racket is higher than the server’s hand holding the racket, at the time of service.
  • Touching of a player’s body with the net or its supports when the shuttlecock is in the air.
  • Striking of the shuttlecock by the striker before it reaches his or her side of the net.

How do you win in badminton?

Based on the scoring system, a player/team wins a game of badminton if:

  1. A two-point lead is gained when both the teams have a score of 20.
  2. The 30th point is scored when both sides have 29 points.

Note that a badminton match has 3 games each with 21 points. The best of the three games is chosen to decide the victor.

What to consider when buying a badminton set?

Viewing a badminton set in terms of these features will help make the final choice easier.

Net Quality

This refers to the material the net is made out of as well as other properties, such as it being weather-resistant. Some of the most durable nets are those made out of high-duty nylon. Apart from this, nets can also be reinforced with tapes on the top and/or bottom as doing so makes the net stronger.


The material of the shuttlecock is to be considered. Most people prefer light shuttlecocks but at the same time, some people don’t want too flimsy shuttlecocks. The size and the weight of the shuttlecock can also help choose the right one.

The Correct Numbers

Each badminton set has its own numbers of rackets and shuttlecock. There is no recommended number of rackets or shuttlecocks one should get as these completely depend upon the buyer and how many people would be playing using the badminton set.

Type of Play

This is another important factor to consider as not all people play with the same intent. Some play for recreational purposes while others play professionally. Some people are only playing to learn the game while others might play it to hone their badminton skills. Therefore, what exactly the badminton set should offer is dependent upon the type of intended play.


If one wants to take the badminton set and set it up at different places, such as a friend’s house, it is necessary to buy a portable set that can easily be carried around. Apart from this, one needs to ensure that the set can be compactly stored in a weather-resistant and durable case.

Lifetime of the Set

A higher-quality badminton set is good for those who intend to use it for long. For those people who only want to spend a little amount of time playing badminton, a set with a lower lifetime is fine as well.

Best Badminton Set Brands

These 4 are some of the most sought-after badminton set brands.

Park & Sun

The company offers a Badminton Pro Set which is popular for its 3-piece, telescopic poles made out of aluminium. The net is made from nylon and its corners are strengthened at the top and bottom with tape. Moreover, the tension rings can be used to adjust the net to keep it as taut as required.

Apart from this, the set comes with a wide array of accessories including anchors for firmly holding the net and a carry on bag. Furthermore, at a price of approximately $89, this badminton set is most suitable for professional players and experts. In addition to this, for those looking for an eco-friendly choice, this is a great option.


Yonex is one of the leading sports brands worldwide when it comes to badminton and its equipment. Not only are its badminton rackets and shoes extremely durable and high-quality, but its badminton sets also boast the same.

The Badminton Combo Set by this brand includes two steel rackets and shuttlecocks in a shiny case, among other things. Staying true to the reputation Yonex has built over the years, the rackets are very durable with both the racket frame and the racket shaft being made from steel. Also, the shuttlecocks are very lightweight, making it easier to play with them.

More than professional players, this badminton set is suitable for those who are aiming for recreational play only. In addition to this, the set is available for a very reasonable price.

Games and Sports

Featuring four well-strung rackets, a few shuttlecocks, and a durable net, the Expert Recreational is a kit designed specifically for badminton. The set is very portable and can be easily carried to be set up at another location. Furthermore, the poles are very easy to set as well and come with a push-button interlocking system.

Moreover, this badminton set comes at a very affordable price

Champion Sports

Again a well-known brand in the world of sports, Champion Sports produces high-quality and heavy-duty badminton equipment. The badminton set called the Champion Sports CG203 includes four rackets and a net. The four shuttlecocks come in two different types – nylon and goose feather.

Furthermore, heavy-duty nylon is the main component of the net whereas the case used to carry the set is weather-resistant, adding to its portability. Lastly, the cost of the entire set is at a nice price, which might seem on the expensive end but it truly is the cost of the high quality only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would getting a badminton set destroy my garden?

No. The only noticeably major part of the set is the net which only has two poles that go inside the ground. Therefore, there would not be any damage to the garden.

Getting a second-hand badminton set: good or bad?

If the quality of the badminton set is high and it is meant to last a few years, a second-hand badminton set won’t hurt. However, a cheap badminton set would hardly last long so there is no advantage of investing in a second-hand version of it.

Is it better to get a badminton set or individual components?

For a beginner, it is recommended to buy a badminton set due to the lack of knowledge regarding the right and required tools and equipment. However, if a person is quite knowledgeable in this find and can easily buy the different components, it is not a bad idea either.

Moreover, a badminton set is not necessarily more expensive than individual components and vice versa. It completely depends upon the quality of both.


I really hope that you enjoyed the guide and it really helps you find the best badminton set for you and your family.

We have put other badminton guides together like Best Badminton Racket and Best Badminton Shoes both have been put together with the end-user in mind all our recommendation in this guide and the two linked to are based on what’s the best and not the most expensive or if it’s just the latest brand.

It’s very hard picking the single best badminton set but our guide picks the top five and with the badminton set reviews should allow you to really help you pinpoint the best for your needs, but if truth be told any of the five above will give you years of joy and are all well made.