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If you want to have lots of fun in your yard, we don’t think you can go wrong with a good game of Wiffle ball. In my article, I’m going to be covering how to find and what are the Best Wiffle Ball Pitching Machine that is available in today’s market. All our recommendations are brilliant if you are wanting to play in your yard, help your kid get the practice before the next game, even improve your own swing for when the next game comes around to leave everyone wondering how you have become so much better with your swing action.

If you haven’t already seen we have already covered the best wiffle ball bats and just like in that post we did not include any super expensive or low-quality products, just the best on an all-round basis. Each machine has different key elements like some can stock multiple balls were others can shoot the ball at you super-fast others can create spin, they all have their benefit and we cover them all in the overviews below.

So let’s get started in our top 5 picks:

Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Baseball Pitching Machine

Franklin Sports MLB Kids Electronic Baseball Pitching Machine - Automatic Youth Pitching Machine...
  • 7 SECOND PITCHES: This electronic pitching machine for kids is a great way to encourage them to practice batting skills; The ball pitches every 7...
  • FLASHING LIGHT INDICATOR: A flashing red indicator light shows when the ball pitches, making it easy to prepare in your baseball stance; You get...
  • ANGLE ADJUSTMENTS: The angle of your pitch is adjustable, making it a perfect training tool for developing young athletes; Perfect for practicing...
  • SIX BALLS INCLUDED: This batting machine includes six white aero strike baseballs; You should not use regulation baseballs or tee balls with this...
  • IMPROVE BATTING PERFORMANCE: Your child should ideally use a plastic baseball bat with this pitching machine; There’s no better kids’...

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Bring the batting cage to your backyard. Don’t haul your stuff across town and pay steep prices to get the benefit of an automatic pitcher. This automatic pitcher pitches to you every seven seconds and can hold up to nine balls. This is a perfect way to practice your batting skills and stances without going to the cage. All of the training can be done from the convenience of your own backyard.

The automatic pitcher has a red light that lets you know when the pitch is coming so you can practice nailing that perfect pitch. It includes six balls with the capacity to hold nine so you can get an entire at bat’s worth of pitches without having to reset or collect any balls.

Worried about damage or setting up a proper backstop? Well, don’t. These balls are of a special lightweight plastic material made specifically for this machine and are not as heavy as a real baseball limiting the potential for damage or mishaps.

  • Bring the batting cage to your backyard without the hassle
  • Pitches up to nine balls consecutively for training and practice
  • Lightweight balls give you the practice you want without the worry of heavy baseballs flying around

JUGS Lite-Flite Machine

JUGS Lite-Flite Machine for Baseball and Softball
  • Lightweight pitching machine for honing swings of up-and-coming hitters.
  • Throws 11 inch or 12 inch Lite-Flite softballs, Lite-Flite baseballs and the JUGS Bulldog polyballs
  • Simulates speeds up to 85 mph at 25 feet. Recommended Age- 8- Adult
  • Throws fastballs, left- and right-handed curveballs and sliders.
  • 1/8 Horsepower, 1.3 amplifier motor. Weighs 35 lbs. 2-year warranty.

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Are those cheap pitching machines giving you the same boring throws every pitch? Do you find it easy to hit a straight ball spit out the same way every time? Then look no further. The JUGS Lite-Flite Machine has the ability to simulate five different pitches giving you access to a realistic range of pitches you’ll see during a game.

It can simulate a fastball, curveballs, and sliders. Wow! No more getting used to the same fastball over and over again. It can simulate pitches of up to 85mph ensuring that you are getting quality game-like reps right from your own home. This machine brings all of the range of a real pitcher right to your backyard. It pitches Wiffle balls so that you don’t have to worry about breaking a window or spooking the neighbors. If you want the most advanced and realistic backyard pitching machine then you want to try the JUGs Lite-Flite.

  • Ability to simulate five different pitches including the classic fastball
  • Can simulate pitches of up to 85mph for game-like speed and accuracy
  • Perfect for batters of all ages and skill levels

Franklin Sports MLB Kids Pitching Machine

Franklin Sports MLB Kids Pitching Machine - POP ROCKET Kids Baseball Trainer - Includes 5 Plastic...
  • GREAT FOR TEEBALL: The Pop Rocket helps kids perfect hand-eye coordination by teaching them to hit a moving baseball so they can make the jump...
  • IMPROVE SKILLS: This youth pitching machine is perfect for young athletes learning to hit live pitching all by themselves without needing a...
  • AUTOMATIC RELEASE: Pitches are automatically popped up every 7 seconds to give the batter a chance to reset between swings
  • INCLUDES: (5) plastic baseballs and (1) 24” collapsible plastic baseball bat are included so you have all the equipment you need to start...
  • REQUIRES: (4) “AA” batteries (not included)

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The POP Rocket Pitching Machine by Franklin sports is the most fun pitching machine on the market for children. In the shape of a rocket that is sure to excite the kids, it shoots balls straight up in seven-second intervals. One of the hardest skills for younger kids to master is the timing and rhythm of hitting a baseball. This machine is designed to hone those exact skills.

The balls come up to tee ball height and allow the kids to practice hitting balls right in the center of the strike zone. You will be amazed as they get better at hitting over time.

The POP Rocket comes with everything you need to start practicing right away. It comes with the machine itself, a collapsable plastic bat and five balls. It is battery powered, taking four AA batteries (not included), so you can take it out to your favorite field or shady hitting spot without the need to worry about plugging in or charging anything.

  • Perfectly designed to teach young kids how to eye a pitch and swing in rhythm
  • Works great in the yard or at the park
  • Ready to go right out of the box, bat and balls included

Jugs Small-Ball Pitching Machine

Jugs Small-Ball Pitching Machine
  • Small-ball pitching machine for improving depth perception and honing hitting skills. Portable and light-weight, weighs only 23 lbs.
  • Uses 5-inch, 5-ounce polyurethane foam ball that's half the size of normal baseball
  • Built of heavy-duty steel, with adjustable legs that simulate realistic delivery height
  • Throws accurate fastballs and overhand curves, with simulated speeds up to 75 mph
  • 25-ball manual or automatic feeder; also shoots fly and ground balls.

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This small ball pitching machine is designed to really hone those finer motor skills that baseball often requires. Shooting foam balls that are half the size of a regulation baseball this machine will force you to focus on your stance and your swing to really get a good hit on the ball.

The heavy-duty build is able to hold up to 25 foam small balls (sold separately) and can be adjusted to pitch fastballs and curveballs. It is able to simulate throws of up to 75mph ensuring that you are going to get game time speeds in a practice setting. The machine is portable coming in at 23lbs meaning it can be taken from your backyard to the baseball diamond and back again.

In addition to being a pitching machine, it can also be set up for fielding practice. It has the ability to give you ground balls and flyballs for a little glovework after the batting practice. This is an all-around machine that can hone skills of all kinds.

  • Can hold up to 25 small balls
  • Able to be used as a pitching machine or a fielding machine
  • Two pitches and two fielding modes make it very versatile
  • Lightweight yet durable makes it easy to take anywhere

Personal Pitcher Pro Pitching Machine

Personal Pitcher Pro Pitching Machine w/48 Small Balls (Golf Ball Size) for Baseball or Softball...
  • 60 Ball Capacity with Auto-Feed (Includes 4 Dozen Practice Balls)
  • 4 Adjustable Speed Settings (Simulating 15-95 mph) including Soft Toss
  • Throws Left-handed & Right-Handed Curveballs, Fastballs & Soft Toss
  • 4-hr Rechargeable Battery & AC Adapter & Weighs less than 5lbs!
  • Pitches Small perforated Balls (Golf Ball Size) - Only use Wiffle branded balls - other brands not compatible. Wiffle is a registered trademark...

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This personal pitching machine is perfect for long batting sessions. Whether that be a pre-game warmup, late-night practice or just some fun in the sun this machine has got what you need for all of that and more. With a 60 ball capacity and 48 balls included in the initial purchase, you can hit for a lot longer than the competitor without having to lose your flow or adjust the machine to refill and reload.

With four speed settings and four pitches included the combinations of pitches are nearly endless. You can get speeds of 15mph for stance practice or go all the way up to a simulated 95mph for timing and rhythm. This machine can test your skills at every level and give you the kind of game-ready practice and warmup that can give you the edge you need to perform your best.

  • Holds up to 60 balls for long uninterrupted sessions
  • Includes 48 balls right out of the box
  • Has a rechargeable battery and an AC adapter for areas with power and those without
  • Four speeds and four pitches give you ample combinations for different kinds of training

Wiffle Ball Pitching Machines Buying Guide

Those batters who are determined to excel at wiffle ball and are willing to put in hours of effort to improve their performance – without forcefully including others in their practice – can easily do so with the help of a good wiffle ball pitching machine.

Why buy a wiffle ball pitching machine?

There are many wiffle ball players who have improved their game by using a wiffle ball pitching machine whereas some experts of wiffle ball haven’t really used one. This raises the question: is a wiffle ball machine worth buying?

Here are a few reasons getting a wiffle ball pitching machine can be helpful to a wiffle ball player.

  1. No Pitcher Required
    With a wiffle ball pitching machine, there is no need to practice with a pitcher (player). That way, there is virtually no limit to the number of hours one can practice and improve their batting using this machine. This is especially beneficial for those players who like gruelling sessions of practice for long hours.
  2. Immediate Feedback
    Another benefit of these machines is that there is immediate feedback for the player as to how he or she is performing. This is because with balls coming their way in quick succession, they are able to analyse how well they would perform in difficult games. Moreover, the machine can be reset and the pitch or speed changed to determine how well a player can perform in different scenarios.
  3. Intense Practice
    A major reason why wiffle ball pitching machines are useful in improving the batting is that they are capable of throwing difficult and a range of different shots. And there is no doubt in the fact that difficult practice makes better players.

As such, a wiffle ball pitching machine prepares the user to expertly handle a large number of different throws of the wiffle ball.

What to look for when buying a wiffle ball pitching machine?

As a lot of money goes into buying a wiffle ball pitching machine, it is necessary to consider every single aspect of the machine to make sure it offers all or most of the features one desires in it.

Pitch Variety

The best wiffle ball pitching machines are capable of delivering the balls in all four pitching styles: soft pitch, fly-balls, curveballs, and grounders. For tough yet extremely productive sessions of practice, one needs to try playing with all the different pitch patterns to up their game.


There would not be any significant progress for the batter if the wiffle ball pitching machine keeps throwing the balls at the same speed all the time. Altering the speed teaches the player to handle balls coming at different speeds, which is an additional but necessary skill to have to become a good wiffle ball player.

Storage Capacity

This refers to the capacity of the magazine or feeder of the machine, which means how many balls can be fit inside to be thrown in succession. This number often varies as some machines might only have the capacity of four balls while others can even accommodate 15 balls inside the feeder at once.

When looking for a very good wiffle ball pitching machine, it is recommended to get one that has a storage capacity of over 20 balls. The higher the storage capacity, the less frequently one would have to refill the machine.


There are many wiffle ball pitching machines that cannot only accommodate wiffle balls but also effectively deliver baseballs, softballs, and tennis balls. Such purchases are highly worth the price because just one machine can be used to play so many different sports.

The versatility of such a machine also implies that it is capable of pitching the balls in different directions.

Power Source

Different wiffle ball pitching machines are powered by different sources. While some advanced machines might require electricity, many are powered by mechanical springs. It can also be checked whether the machine comes with extra rechargeable batteries, in case of the wiffle ball pitching machines that run on electricity.

Ball Size

The size of the wiffle ball that can go into the pitching machine is also important because if one already has many balls, the machine should be able to accommodate them. Moreover, some players like to practice with smaller balls to improve their batting skills so a machine that pitches balls of a larger size would not be very effective.


Those who prefer playing and practicing wiffle ball at different places should opt for a portable wiffle ball pitching machine. Such machines should ideally be light in weight. Others, who do not plan to use their machines outside of one place, can even get their machines fixed to a certain spot in their backyard, for example.

Adjustable Height

Many machines offer the feature of adjustable height which means that the machine can be used by different players. This is a highly sought-after feature in wiffle ball pitching machines because the pitch can be changed to suit the player.

Best wiffle ball pitching machine brands

A wiffle ball pitching machine is easily available in most major sports stores. However, it is better to invest in the product of a brand that is known for the durability and longevity of its wiffle ball pitching machines. The following are a few examples.

Louisville Slugger

The popular Louisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame Pitching Machine is liked by users for how it can be used for multiple games besides wiffle ball, such as baseball, softball, and tennis. On top of that, the machine is extremely durable owing to the high-grade quality of the materials. Apart from that, the 25-pounds weight makes it very easy to transport as well.

Moreover, the speed and the pitch can be adjusted on this machine. Perhaps the most impressive feature of this machine is that it requires no electricity and is powered by springs. Furthermore, the accuracy in the pitching is also quite high – another sought-after feature in wiffle ball pitching machines.

Franklin Sports

A highly renowned manufacturer of sporting goods worldwide, Franklin Sports has multiple different wiffle ball pitching machines.

  1. The MLB Electronic Baseball Pitching Machine is designed for beginners, and is good for children in particular. This machine includes 6 wiffle balls and has an adjustable height to ensure the ball hits exactly where required. This is, in addition to these, a very affordable option.
  2. The Sports MLB Kids Pitching Machine is designed to improve children’s skills in this sport. First and foremost, the machine is small-sized so it barely takes any significant space. Moreover, the magazine can fit 5 balls at a time and the machine comes with a wiffle ball bat and wiffle balls.
  3. The Sports MLB Super Star Baseball Batter & Fielder Multi Function 4 in 1 Pitching Machine is an excellent option for professionals. The machine is capable of serving in four ways and has a very well-anchored base so the speed of the throws can easily be increased. Furthermore, nine wiffle balls can be loaded into the magazine.

Franklin Sports also produces other wiffle ball pitching machines but the aforementioned are three of its most popular designs.

Heater Sports

This is a very safe and reliable option to get a wiffle ball pitching machine from because this brand specialises in manufacturing baseball and softball pitching machines. Its Jr. Baseball Pitching Machine comes with a bonus feeder.

With its adjustable pitch height and speed of 1 ball per 10 seconds, many players can use this machine. Moreover, the machine is very easy to operate and its feeder has the capacity to hold 12 balls at a time. Besides this, the pitching wheels are completely enclosed, enhancing the safety of usage of this machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make your own wiffle ball pitching machine?

Even though it’ll require some hard work, a DIY wiffle ball pitching machine can be made at home. A leaf blower is a good item to convert into a wiffle ball pitching machine.

Will a wiffle ball pitching machine make me a better player?

In short, yes. A wiffle ball pitching machine can improve one’s batting by providing quick constant feedback, allowing them to practice for longer, and making them handle difficult throws.

Is wiffle ball a real sport?

Yes. Even though wiffle ball is a variation of baseball, it is still a real sport.

Are wiffle ball pitching machines expensive?

Yes. These are usually expensive with the good ones costing over $100.

How many types of pitching patterns are there for a wiffle ball pitching machine?

There are four pitching styles.

What are the pitching patterns for a wiffle ball pitching machine?

The four pitching styles are curveballs, grounders, soft balls, and fly-balls.

Can you set the height of a wiffle ball pitching machine?

Yes, but only if the machine has the feature of adjustable height.

How many balls can be stored inside the wiffle ball pitching machine?

This varies from machine to machine. While some might accommodate only 4, others can accommodate as many as 30 wiffle balls.


What choosing the best wiffle ball pitching machine comes down to is one that fits your needs and ultimately within your budget. All the pitching machines on the list will allow you to perfect your swing whether that’s in your yard or on the local playing field.

If you are looking for a Wiffle Ball pitching machine to train and you want me to pick one I always find this hard that’s why I always recommend the top 5 then you can best pick one for your needs put if I had to choose just one for practice then it would have to be the Franklin Sports MLB pitching machine I think this is my all-round winner for me personally.

It doesn’t matter what your end goal is weather that’s to perfect your swing or just have some fun in your yard all these recommendations will do that and you will have many hours of fun with the product.