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When installing the best artificial grass, we will want to know it’s safe to do our everyday activities. The cost of installing artificial grass doesn’t come cheap, so you don’t want to damage it with anything you do. I always have an above ground pool in my yard in the summer for my kids, so I wanted to know can I put a swimming pool on artificial grass.

Yes, it should be perfectly fine to put a swimming pool on artificial grass without causing any problems. The pile of the grass may flatten due to the weight of the pool. However, if you brush the area once the pool is removed, it should slowly bounce back into shape.

So, the short answer is that it’s perfectly fine to have a swimming pool on your artificial grass. I did have many other questions I had about my pool and how it would work with artificial grass. Below are some of the things I found out over the years of having a swimming pool with artificial grass.

Flattened Artificial Grass Pile

Once you remove the pool at the end of the year, the pile of the grass will be flat and look different from the rest of your yard. However, this is easily rectified with some simple steps.

Once you have your pool all tidied up, it’s time to deal with the flattened pile. You will need a stiff yard brush and a little elbow grease.

Brush where you have had the pool, and the pile will start to bounce back into its natural position. I have found that after a week, you will not be able to tell where the pool has been. I don’t brush the area everyday just once to give it a helping hand on bouncing back.

Why Artificial Grass Over Real Grass for Pools?

What I have found over the years of having an above ground pool on my artificial grass is that it is much better than real grass.

With real grass, after I removed the pool, the area would be brown and ugly. Due to the time of year, it is that I took the pool down, there was little chance of the grass growing back. So I would be left with an ugly brown patch over the winter months.

The kids would get more grass in the pool with real grass than was on the lawn itself. I would spend lots of time over the summer skimming this grass of the top. With artificial grass, this was never a problem. This saved me time and made the pool water much easier to keep clean.

The mud around the pool can be a real problem with water splashing and feet trampling on real grass. It can create a mud bath around the pool, and your feet take this into the pool. This makes the pool water murky. Again you will get no mud into your pool with artificial grass.

Will artificial grass soak away pool water, ok?

We all have a problem at the end of the pool season with what to do with the water in our pools. Slowly pouring it onto your lawn, so it soaks away is what I always do.

With a correctly fitted artificial grass, you should be able to carry out the same process, and pouring your pool water evenly over the surface of your artificial grass will allow your pool water to simply drain away just as it would with real grass.


I have found that putting a swimming pool on artificial grass has been the best investment I have made in my backyard.

It makes the process of keeping the pool clean much more comfortable and a much cleaner backyard. I also have a trampoline that is correctly find to have on your lawn.

We have a complete guide on Can You Have a Trampoline on Artificial Grass as this is something that I wanted to know as well as being a trampoline owner.