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When looking to install artificial grass in your backyard, you may, just like me, have many questions that you want answering before going ahead. I have a trampoline for my kids, and I want to know, can you have a trampoline on artificial grass?

Yes, it should be perfectly fine to put a trampoline on artificial grass as long as it has no sharp edges. The bars might flatten the pile of the artificial grass, but this should bounce back with a stiff brushing.

So there is the short answer yes, it’s perfectly fine to have a trampoline on your artificial grass. I move my kid’s trampoline around my yard to keep it out of the sun below. I will give what I found out.

Protect Sharp Parts

If you have a trampoline with sharp legs, I will place matting down to stop them from digging into your artificial grass. However, most trampolines have rounded poles, and they cause no damage other than a little flattening of the pile.

Dealing with Flattened Pile

As I said above, I move my trampoline around my yard to keep my kids out of direct sunlight. When you move the trampoline, you will notice where the leg bars have laid the pile of your artificial grass will be flattened.

At first, I thought I would have these little flat patched all over my new grass as I moved the trampoline around the yard.

However, I took to these with a stiff yard brush, one with very strong bristles. With some gentle brushing, the pile started to spring back into shape.

I could still see where the legs had been despite the pile coming up a little, but the next day I couldn’t tell. I give it a little extra brush, and it looked like the rest of the area as if there had been no trampoline in that area.


My kid’s safety is paramount, and after much research online, it is believed that artificial grass is much safer in a play area than real grass.

With real grass where kids play, the area can become bare and rock solid. It doesn’t need me to say this is not the safest area for kids running around.

With artificial grass, this doesn’t happen, and it remains a soft area for boisterous kids. Seeing in my local area playgrounds turning from tarmac to artificial grass gives me extra confidence; this was a good idea for my kids.


We found out that it is perfectly safe to have a trampoline on artificial grass, which is excellent if you are thinking of getting the best artificial grass for your backyard.

For parents looking for something a little safer than it’s also perfect, my kids have had no grazed knees.

If you are looking to move your trampoline around your yard with a little brushing, you will be unable to tell where it has been.