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Artificial grass is a popular option for homeowners these days. It’s perfect for those who don’t want to take care of the lawn or have any more children running around on it. But, how long does artificial grass last? Read on and find out if it’s worth buying or not by checking out the pros and cons below.

Artificial grass is very durable and requires little maintenance once installed. It is thought that it will pay itself back within 10 years and save you lots of time over this period. With a little maintenance, artificial grass will look great and serve you for at least 20 years. 

To keep your synthetic grass looking in tip-top condition and last you many 20 years plus. You want to make some key buying choices and some general maintenance that we show below. 

The Quality Of The Artificial Grass

The quality of the artificial grass is one thing that you need to consider. How long does high-grade, premium-grade, and standard grade last?

High-Grade Artificial Grass: High-grade usually lasts 15 years or more before it starts looking noticeably worn. The blades are short with a wavy, curled look to them and tend not to hold up well under heavy use.

Premium Grade Artificial Grass: Premium grade is a step up from high grade with an expected life of more than 20 years if it’s cared for properly. The blades are long and straight, but they may be too tall to make good contact with the ground in areas where there’s no snow or rainwater runoff. They also don’t tend to curl up at the ends.

Standard Grade Artificial Grass: Standard grade is the most common and has an expected life of 10 years, but that can be extended with care. The blades are medium-length or shorter; they’re straight across, or wavy like a high-grade blade, but not as severe looking. They also don’t curl up at the ends.

The Quality Of Installation 

The quality of installation will have a big effect on the longevity and performance of your new yard. You’ll want to make sure that it’s installed properly to keep up with wear, but more importantly, maintain its appearance well into the future. Poorly installed grass may not stand up as well against heavy use or extreme weather conditions. The blades can be longer and straighter, or wavy like a higher grade blade.

Make sure you follow a guide on how to install artificial grass by someone who has actually installed it. We have a complete guide on our site documenting my own DIY project. 

Artificial Grass Matinance

Artificial grass doesn’t require mowing, but you’ll still need to do some maintenance. Occasional weeding is recommended and be sure to sweep up any leaves that may fall in the yard. Allowing things to rot down on the surface of the grass can cause health problems for the longevity of your new lawn.

The best time to clean up any leaves is in the fall before they have a chance to rot or form dangerous mold. Weeds are most easily dealt with using an organic herbicide, which will eliminate them without harming other plants nearby. And as mentioned above, you’ll also want to sweep up any leaves that have fallen from a nearby tree.

Artificial Grass Repairs

Repairing any damage to artificial grass is usually a simple process. The most common type of repair involves using an adhesive that can be applied directly to the surface and then smoothed into place with a roller or similar tool. Once you have repaired the area, it’s important not to walk on it until completely dry; otherwise, you’ll end up with footprints or other signs of your repair.

The Cost And Saving Time Artificial Grass Offers

The end result may be worth the initial investment. Unlike regular grass, your new lawn will not grow on its own and you’ll not have to take care of it yourself if you want that perfect green look year-round.

It’s no fun when you’re struggling to keep up with yard maintenance. With a great low-maintenance lawn. Your time will be spent in the fresh air and sunshine instead of on arduous tasks that require all day long!

One reason people love their artificial turf is that it requires little or no upkeep. Meaning more time outside enjoying our beautiful world while saving money for other things.