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There comes the point over the years that homeowners look at the value of their homes. A house is most people’s most expensive item that they will invest in over their lifetime. Investing money in your property wisely is vital to get the best out of your investment. There is a level of research involved to find out does artificial grass adds value to your home.

With artificial grass being relatively new to the market, there is no evidence that it adds value to your home. However, adding artificial grass can make your property look nicer and make your property more saleable.

Ok. So there is little evidence that artificial grass will actually add value to your home like a kitchen. But below, we discuss all the reasons that it may be a good idea to install the best artificial grass if you are selling your home.

More visually appealing

Curb appeal is one of the most significant selling points when you come to sell your home. Suppose you have a front lawn that is not well kept or is hard to keep. Due to the lack of sun or other factors, this can dramatically affect the look of your home.

While artificial grass may not add value to your home, it certainly will add curb appeal to your home. First impressions are crucial to selling a home; it’s just like picking the Best Exterior Paint Color to Sell a House. Making the front of your home look on a point will dramatically speed up your home’s selling. If you have a small patch of grass that looks untidy, the relatively small expense may just be worth it.

Maintenance free

Something many people are now looking for is maintenance free homes due to our ever busy lifestyles. A lawn is far from maintenance free; there is watering and cutting if you want your lawn to look nice. Despite people wanting maintenance free homes, they also want them to look nice.

Also, with the ever-growing demands comes bills, and people are starting to cut back, so a gardener for most is not an option. A gardener is the only way to keep a lawn looking nice for someone who doesn’t have the time.

So when someone pulls up to look at your home, and they see a lovely looking front, this will be one major tick. Once they see its artificial grass, this will tick the box of maintenance free for them also.

People often fear artificial grass looking as the name suggests artificial. However, over the last few years, technology has come a long way, and they now look hard to tell from the roadside. With the growing technology, the price has also dropped to make much better-looking grass more affordable.

Cheaper than grass

Someone looking to save money when they are moving could be happy with artificial grass. There is the saving on water bills from watering real grass to keep it looking its best. Significant saving on machinery is also to be considered; no best lawnmower will be needed. Then you have the disposal of the clippings to take care of no more with artificial grass.

Most homeowners want their yard to look nice, and with little time most people have, they will need a gardener. A gardener is going to set you back $30 twice a month over eight months; that’s a $240 saving.

Child friendly

Someone looking to purchase a new home for their family will be thinking mainly about their children. Parents want somewhere for the children to play and play safely and hopefully no place to dirty.

Artificial grass is perfectly safe for children to play on, and unlike real grass, there is no chance a child will come inside covered in mud.

Come rain or shine; children can play happily on artificial grass without getting covered in mud. The other thing is real grass, after been played on, looks horrid with large patches missing. Not with artificial grass, it will look good all years round even with children playing on it.

Animal friendly

Just like the kid’s homeowner thing about their pets when they come to buy a new home. Unlike children, pets tend to chew things, so you would be forgiven, giving pets more thought when it comes to artificial grass.

Most animals will be perfectly safe with artificial grass as you can get many types of artificial grass for dogs. If you have any other animal, a quick Google should answer your question, but I have yet to find an animal that wouldn’t be fine with artificial grass.

The added benefit of having it installed is the fact of how easy it is to clean up after your animals. Unlike real grass, if your animal is going to the toilet, smells can accrue, and a swill down will be needed.


We found that artificial grass doesn’t add any value to your home, or there is no research to say it does. However, installing it in your home may make your home sell faster with the added curb appeal.

There are lots of different reasons to install artificial grass. I hope this article has helped you make a choice one way or the other.

Curb appeal is a real thing, and I personally have it in my home. If I had two houses, I liked the one with and one without. I feel the one with artificial grass would get an extra tick for having it.